Mohamed Radwan, Stefan Ohrhallinger, Michael Wimmer
Fast occlusion-based point cloud exploration
The Visual Computer Journal,37:2769-2781,September 2021.

Lukas Eibensteiner, Martin Ilčík, Michael Wimmer
Temporal-Scope Grammars for Polyphonic Music Generation
In Proceedings of the 9th ACM SIGPLAN International Workshop on Functional Art, Music, Modelling, and Design (FARM ’21).August 2021.
[preprint] [demo]

Lisa-Maria Kellner
Klassifikation Urbaner Punktwolken Mittels 3D CNNs In Kombination mit Rekonstruktion von Gehsteigen

Daniel Pahr
Vologram: Educational Craftworks for Volume Physicalization
[Image] [Master Thesis] [Poster]

Aleksandr Amirkhanov
X-Mas Card 2020
[Card] [Cover]

Klara Brandstätter
Building a Sandbox Towards Investigating the Behavior of Control Algorithms and Training of Real-World Robots
[Image] [Master Thesis] [Poster]

Philipp Erler, Paul Guerrero, Stefan Ohrhallinger, Michael Wimmer, Niloy Mitra
Points2Surf: Learning Implicit Surfaces from Point Clouds
In Computer Vision -- ECCV 2020, pages108-124.October 2020.
[points2surf_paper] [short video]

Meliha Honic, Iva Kovacic, Ildar Gilmutdinov, Michael Wimmer
Scan to BIM for the Semi-Automated Generation of a Material Passport for an Existing Building
In Proceedings of the 37th International Conference of CIB W78, pages338-346.August 2020.

Elisa De Llano, Haichao Miao, Yasaman Ahmadi, Armanda J Wilson, Morgan Beeby, Ivan Viola, Ivan Barisic
Adenita: interactive 3D modelling and visualization of DNA nanostructures
Nucleic Acids Research,July 2020.

Kurt Leimer, Andreas Winkler, Stefan Ohrhallinger, Przemyslaw Musialski
Pose to Seat: Automated design of body-supporting surfaces
Computer Aided Geometric Design,79:1-1,April 2020. [image] [Paper] [paper]

Oriol Pueyo, Albert Sabria, Xavier Pueyo, Michael Wimmer, Gustavo Patow
Shrinking City Layouts
Computers & Graphics,86:15-26,February 2020.

Tobias Klein
Instant Construction of Atomistic Models for Visualization in Integrative Cell Biology
Supervisor:Ivan Viola

Tobias Klein, Peter Mindek, Ludovic Autin, David Goodsell, Arthur Olson, Meister Eduard Gröller, Ivan Viola
Parallel Generation and Visualization of Bacterial Genome Structures
Computer Graphics Forum,38(7):57-68,November 2019.

Andreas Winkler
Pose-Driven Generation and Optimization of Seating Furniture
[poster] [thesis]

Haichao Miao
Geometric Abstraction for Effective Visualization and Modeling
Supervisor:Ivan Viola

Tobias Klein, Ivan Viola, Meister Eduard Gröller, Peter Mindek
Multi-Scale Procedural Animations of Microtubule Dynamics Based on Measured Data
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics,26(1):622-632,August 2019. [paper]

Christian Clemenz
Fast Rotationally Symmetric Direction Fields on 3D Surfaces

Haichao Miao, Elisa De Llano, Ivan Viola, Ivan Barisic
Interactive Visual Analysis for the Design of DNA Nanostructures
Poster shown atNANTECH 2019 – Nucleic Acid Nanotechnology: From Algorithmic Design to Biochemical Applications – Espoo, Finland (27. May 2019-29. May 2019)

Dominik Scholz
Tile-Based Procedural Terrain Generation

Kurt Leimer, Michael Birsak, Florian Rist, Przemyslaw Musialski
Sit & Relax: Interactive Design of Body-Supporting Surfaces
Computer Graphics Forum,37(7):349-359,October 2018. [preprint] [video]

Michael Birsak
Discrete Optimization on Graphs and Grids for the Creation of Navigational and Artistic Imagery
Supervisor:Michael Wimmer
Duration:Aug 2012 - Sep 2018

Michael Hecher, Paul Guerrero, Peter Wonka, Michael Wimmer
How Do Users Map Points Between Dissimilar Shapes?
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics,24(8):2327-2338,August 2018. [draft]

Michael Vasiljevs
Procedural Modelling of Park Layouts
[poster] [thesis]

Michael Birsak, Florian Rist, Peter Wonka, Przemyslaw Musialski
String Art: Towards Computational Fabrication of String Images
Computer Graphics Forum (Proc. EUROGRAPHICS 2018),37(2):263-274,April 2018.

Lukas Gersthofer
Reduced-Order Shape Optimization Using Offset Surfaces in Blender

Haichao Miao
Visual Abstraction and Modeling in DNA Nanotechnology,14. December 2017,King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia

Bernhard Steiner, Elham Mousavian, Fatemeh Mehdizadeh Saradj, Michael Wimmer, Przemyslaw Musialski
Integrated Structural-Architectural Design for Interactive Planning
Computer Graphics Forum,36(8):80-94,December 2017. [preprint]

Shaojun Hu, Zhengrong Li, Zhiyi Zhang, Dongijan He, Michael Wimmer
Efficient Tree Modeling from Airborne LiDAR Point Clouds
Computers & Graphics,67:1-13,October 2017. [draft]

Kurt Leimer, Lukas Gersthofer, Michael Wimmer, Przemyslaw Musialski
Relation-Based Parametrization and Exploration of Shape Collections
Computers & Graphics,67:127-137,October 2017. [preprint] [video]

Reinhold Preiner
Dynamic and Probabilistic Point-Cloud Processing
Supervisor:Michael Wimmer

Stefan Sietzen
A Method for Automatically Animating the Reassembly of Arbitrary Voronoi-Fractured Objects

Niko Leopold
Algorithmic Botany via Lindenmayer Systems in Blender

David Kouřil, Mathieu Le Muzic, Barbora Kozlikova, Ivan Viola
Maya2cellVIEW: Integrated Tool for Creating Large and Complex Molecular Scenes
Poster shown atSpring Conference on Computer Graphics 2017 (May 2017)

Andreas Winkler
Collaborative Procedural Modeling driven by User Feedback

Michael Schwärzler, Lisa-Maria Kellner, Stefan Maierhofer, Michael Wimmer
Sketch-based Guided Modeling of 3D Buildings from Oriented Photos
In Proceedings of the 21st ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games, pages9:1-9:8.February 2017.

David Kouřil
Maya2CellVIEW: 3D Package Integrated Tool for Creating Large and Complex Molecular Scenes

Ludovic Autin, Peter Mindek
X-Mas Card 2016
[Picture] [X-Mas Card]

Lea Aichner
Interactive Shape-Aware Deformation of 3D Furniture Models

Philipp Erler
Finite Element Fluids in Matlab

Kurt Leimer, Michael Wimmer, Przemyslaw Musialski
Relation-Based Parametrization and Exploration of Shape Collections
Poster shown atACM SIGGRAPH 2016 (24. July 2016-28. July 2016)In ACM SIGGRAPH 2016 Posters, pages34:1-34:1.
[abstract] [poster] [video]

Martin Ilčík, Michael Wimmer
Collaborative Modeling with Symbolic Shape Grammars
In Proceedings of eCAADe 2016, pages417-426.2016.

Felix Kendlbacher
Introduction Of OpenStreetMap For The Automatic Generation Of Destination Maps

Felix Kreuzer
Interactive Sketching of Floorplans

Kurt Leimer
Co-Analysis and Parameterization of 3D Shape Collections for Shape Synthesis
[poster] [thesis]

Franz Spitaler
Procedural Generation of 3D Building-Interiors
[poster] [thesis]

Paul Guerrero, Stefan Jeschke, Michael Wimmer, Peter Wonka
Learning Shape Placements by Example
ACM Transactions on Graphics,34(4):108:1-108:13,August 2015. [additional_material] [paper] [video]

Felix Fleiß
Interactive Exploration of Architecture Using Exploded Views
[poster] [thesis]

Martin Ilčík, Przemyslaw Musialski, Thomas Auzinger, Michael Wimmer
Layer-Based Procedural Design of Facades
Computer Graphics Forum,34(2):205-216,May 2015. [preprint]

Matthias Adorjan
The OpenSFM Database

Michael Wimmer
Real-Time Computer Graphics and the Future of CAAD,16. September 2015-18. September 2015,Vienna, Austria

Lubin Fan, Przemyslaw Musialski, Ligang Liu, Peter Wonka
Structure Completion for Facade Layouts
ACM Transactions on Graphics (ACM SIGGRAPH Asia 2014),33(6):210:1-210:11,November 2014. [preprint-highres] [preprint]

Paul Guerrero, Thomas Auzinger, Michael Wimmer, Stefan Jeschke
Partial Shape Matching using Transformation Parameter Similarity
Computer Graphics Forum,33(8):1-14,November 2014. [additonal_material] [paper]

Bernhard Steiner
Structure-aware shape manipulation
[poster] [thesis]

Paul Guerrero, Stefan Jeschke, Michael Wimmer, Peter Wonka
Edit Propagation using Geometric Relationship Functions
ACM Transactions on Graphics,33(2):15:1-15:15,March 2014. [paper]

Martin Ilčík
Challenges in grammar-based procedural modeling of interiors, 4. February 2014,High Visual Computing (HiVisComp) 2014,Pec pod Snezkou, Czech Republic

Sebastian Sippl
Framework for Shape Segmentation

Przemyslaw Musialski, Peter Wonka, Daniel G. Aliaga, Michael Wimmer, Luc van Gool, Werner Purgathofer
A Survey of Urban Reconstruction
Computer Graphics Forum,32(6):146-177,September 2013. [draft]

Georg Sperl
Procedural Textures for Architectural Models

Simon Parzer
Irrational Image Generator
[Poster] [Thesis]

Tyge Løvset, Dag Magne Ulvang, Tor Christian Bekkvik, Kåre Villanger, Ivan Viola
Rule-based method for automatic scaffold assembly from 3D building models
Computer & Graphics,37(4):256-268,June 2013.

Endre M. Lidal, Morten Bendiksen, Daniel Patel, Ivan Viola
Rapid Sketch-based 3D Modeling of Geology
In Proceedings of EnvirVis Short Papers 2013, 2013, pages1-5.June 2013.

Martin Ilčík, Michael Wimmer
Challenges and Ideas in Procedural Modeling of Interiors
In Proceedings of Eurographics Workshop on Urban Data Modelling and Visualisation (UDMV 2013), pages29-30.May 2013.

Przemyslaw Musialski, Michael Wimmer
Inverse-Procedural Methods for Urban Models
In Proceedings of Eurographics Workshop on Urban Data Modelling and Visualisation (UDMV 2013), pages31-32.May 2013.

Murat Arikan, Michael Schwärzler, Simon Flöry, Michael Wimmer, Stefan Maierhofer
O-Snap: Optimization-Based Snapping for Modeling Architecture
ACM Transactions on Graphics,32(1):6:1-6:15,January 2013. [draft]

Przemyslaw Musialski, Michael Wimmer, Peter Wonka
Interactive Coherence-Based Façade Modeling
Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings of EUROGRAPHICS 2012),31(2):661-670,May 2012. [draft-hires] [draft-lowres]

Przemyslaw Musialski, Peter Wonka, Daniel G. Aliaga, Michael Wimmer, Luc van Gool, Werner Purgathofer
A Survey of Urban Reconstruction
In EUROGRAPHICS 2012 State of the Art Reports, pages1-28.May 2012.
[draft-hires] [draft-lowres]

Manpreet Kainth
Rendering of Urban Scenes

Andreas Reichinger, Florian Rist, M. Neumüller, Stefan Maierhofer, Werner Purgathofer
Computer-Aided Design of Tactile Models – Taxonomy and Case-Studies
In Computers Helping People with Special Needs, pages497-504,2012 [Paper]

Markus Lipp, Daniel Scherzer, Peter Wonka, Michael Wimmer
Interactive Modeling of City Layouts using Layers of Procedural Content
Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings EG 2011),30(2):345-354,April 2011. [draft]

Irene Reisner-Kollmann, Christian Luksch, Michael Schwärzler
Reconstructing Buildings as Textured Low Poly Meshes from Point Clouds and Images
In Eurographics 2011 - Short Papers, pages17-20.April 2011.

Thomas Weiner
Easydrawer - A 2D Geometric Construction Tool

Przemyslaw Musialski
Processing of Façade Imagery
Supervisor:Werner Purgathofer
Duration:October 2007 - October 2010

Johannes Scharl
Artist-Controlled Modeling of Urban Environments
[poster] [thesis]

Martin Ilčík, Stefan Fiedler, Werner Purgathofer, Michael Wimmer
Procedural Skeletons: Kinematic Extensions to CGA-Shape Grammars
In Proceedings of the Spring Conference on Computer Graphics 2010, pages177-184.May 2010.
[draft] [presentation-odp] [presentation-pdf]

Przemyslaw Musialski, Meinrad Recheis, Stefan Maierhofer, Peter Wonka, Werner Purgathofer
Tiling of Ortho-Rectified Façade Images
In Proceedings of 26th Spring Conference on Computer Graphics (SCCG 2010).May 2010.

Irene Reisner-Kollmann, Anton Fuhrmann, Werner Purgathofer
Interactive reconstruction of industrial sites using parametric models
In Proceedings of 26th Spring Conference on Computer Graphics (SCCG 2010), pages119-126.May 2010.

Onur Dogangönül
L-Systems for Fine Art

Frederico Dusberger
Mesh-Subdivision Methods in CGA Shape Grammars

Patrick Kühtreiber
Inverse Kinematics for Shape Grammars

Christian Niederreiter
Similarity Detection for Urban Modeling

Ingo Radax
Levels of Detail for Procedural Modeling

Meinrad Recheis
Automatic Recognition of Repeating Patterns in Rectified Facade Images
[figure] [thesis]

Markus Lipp, Peter Wonka, Michael Wimmer
Parallel Generation of L-Systems
In Vision, Modeling, and Visualization Workshop (VMV) 2009 , pages205-214.November 2009.

Przemyslaw Musialski, Peter Wonka, Meinrad Recheis, Stefan Maierhofer, Werner Purgathofer
Symmetry-Based Facade Repair
In Vision, Modeling, and Visualization Workshop 2009.November 2009.
[image] [paper]

Markus Lipp, Peter Wonka, Michael Wimmer
Parallel Generation of L-Systems
Poster shown atHigh-Performance Graphics 2009 ( 1. August 2009- 3. August 2009)

Gottfried Eibner, Anton Fuhrmann, Werner Purgathofer
Generating Predictable and Convincing Folds for Leather Seat Design
In Proceedings of the 25th Spring Conference on Computer Graphics (SCCG), pages93-96.April 2009.
[imager] [paper]

Stefan Fiedler
Procedural Human Posing Using CGA Grammars
[image] [report]

Pushpak Karnik, Stefan Jeschke, David Cline, Anshuman Razdan, E. Wentz, Peter Wonka
A Shape Grammar for Developing Glyph-based Visualizations
Computer Graphics Forum,28(8):2176-2188,2009. [paper]

Wolf Reitsamer
Texture Synthesis for Urban Data
[image] [thesis]

Markus Lipp, Peter Wonka, Michael Wimmer
Interactive Visual Editing of Grammars for Procedural Architecture
ACM Transactions on Graphics,27(3):102:1-10,August 2008. [paper]

Georg Zotti
Tangible Heritage: Production of Astrolabes on a Laser Engraver
In EG2007 Cultural Heritage Papers, pages41-48 (colorplate:p60).September 2007.

Markus Lipp
Interactive Computer Generated Architecture

Georg Zotti, Alexander Wilkie, Werner Purgathofer
Using Virtual Reconstructions in a Planetarium for Demonstrations in Archaeo-Astronomy
In Third Central European Multimedia and Virtual Reality Conference (Proc. CEMVRC2006), pages43-51.November 2006.

Peter Wonka, Michael Wimmer, François Sillion, William Ribarsky
Instant Architecture
ACM Transaction on Graphics,22(3):669-677,July 2003. [Paper]

Georg Zotti, Christoph Traxler
A Multi-Purpose Virtual Reality Model of the Solar System (VRMoSS)
TR-186-2-03-01,February 2003 [paper]

Georg Zotti, Christoph Traxler
The ASH Virtual Reality Model of the Solar System (VRMoSS)
In Proc. of the Third IASTED Int. Conf. on Visualization, Imaging, and Image Processing, pages964-969.2003.

Stefan Maierhofer
Rule-Based Mesh Growing and Generalized Subdivision Meshes
Supervisor:Werner Purgathofer
Duration:- Januar 2002

Robert F. Tobler, Stefan Maierhofer, Alexander Wilkie
A Multiresolution Mesh Generation Approach for Procedural Definition of Complex Geometry
In Shape Modeling International 2002, pages35-42.2002.

Robert F. Tobler, Stefan Maierhofer, Alexander Wilkie
Mesh-Based Parametrized L-Systems and Generalized Subdivision for Generating Complex Geometry
International Journal of Shape Modeling,8(2):173-191,2002.

Gerald Hummel
Modellierung von Straßen für Echtzeitvisualisierung

Christoph Traxler, Michael Gervautz
Using Genetic Algorithms to Improve the Visual Quality of Fractal Plants Generated with CSG-PL-Systems
TR-186-2-96-04,January 1996 [paper]

Meister Eduard Gröller, R. T. Rau, Wolfgang Straßer
Simulation und Darstellung computergenerierter Strickware
TR-186-2-95-15,November 1995 [paper]

Meister Eduard Gröller, R. T. Rau, Wolfgang Straßer
Modeling and Visualization of Knitwear
IEEE Transaction on Visualization and Computer Graphics,1(4),1995.

Michael Gervautz
The Use of BSP-Trees for Solid Modelling
In Proceedings of International Conference on Computer Graphics ICCG'93, pages75-95.June 1993.

Michael Zeiller
Collision detection for objects modelled by CSG
In Visualization and Intelligent Design in Engineering and Architecture,April 1993

Peter Ferschin, Michael Gervautz
Konstruktive Hilfsmittel für den CAD- Einsatz bei Architekten
In CAAD-Forum.October 1992.

Gerhard Hieß
Combining CAD-Systems EUCLID-IS with Rendering System RISS
In Proceedings of 8th spring school on computer graphics.May 1992.

Meister Eduard Gröller
Fractals and Solid Modeling
In Proceedings of Eurographics'92.1992.

J Griessmair, Werner Purgathofer
Deformation of Solids with Trivariate B-Splines
In Proceedings fo Eurographics.September 1989.

Michael Gervautz
SOL An Object Description Language for Solid Modelling
In Conference Proceedings of International Conference on CAD & CG.1989.

Martina Rasch
Image-Space Solvent-Excluded Surface Visualization