Peter Ferschin

ferschin [at]
Former Member


  • Research assistant
  • Spatial simulation techniques
  • Practical work, diploma thesis, seminars

Research Work

  • Cooperation contract SNI - Technical University of Vienna
  • Supercomputing applications
  • Radiosity on vector computers


  • Radiosity, 3D Interaction, Color, CAAD, Computer Arts


  • Philosophy, Ancient Cultures, Arts, Material Arts


11 Publications found:
Image Bib Reference Publication Type
T. Leiss, Werner Purgathofer, Peter Ferschin
Radiosity with Textures, Specular Reflexion and Transmission
In proceedings of SCCG 98, Budmerice, April 1998.
Miscellaneous Publication
Peter Ferschin
A Two-Pass Radiosity Method for CSG Models
Supervisor: Werner Purgathofer
Duration: - 1996
Peter Ferschin, Ingeborg Tastl, Werner Purgathofer
A Comparision of Techniques for the Transformation of Radiosity Values to Monitor Colors
In Proceedings of 1st IEEE International Conference on Image Processing. November 1994.
Conference Paper
Peter Ferschin
A Two-Pass Radiosity Method for CSG-Models
In Proceedings of the 10. Sprig Schoon on Comoputer Graphics '94. June 1994.
Conference Paper
Peter Ferschin
Implementing Radiosity on Vector-Computers
In Proceedings of the Workshop Paragraph'94. March 1994.
Conference Paper
Pavol Elias, Martin Feda, Peter Ferschin, Werner Purgathofer
Monte Carlo Radiosity using Piecewise Cubic Illumination Functions
Proceedings of the Winter School of Computer Graphics, January 1994.
Journal Paper (without talk)
Peter Ferschin
Simulation globaler Beleuchtungsmodelle mit dem Radiosityverfahren, 1994, TU Wien
Invited Talk
Peter Ferschin, Werner Purgathofer
Realistische Bildgenerierung mittels Radiosity- Verfahren
In 1. Supercomputing-Tag. November 1992.
Conference Paper
Peter Ferschin, Michael Gervautz
Konstruktive Hilfsmittel für den CAD- Einsatz bei Architekten
In CAAD-Forum. October 1992.
Conference Paper
Peter Ferschin
Parallel Computing and Computer Graphics: Vectorising Radiosity as an Example
In Proceedings of 8th spring school on computer graphics. May 1992.
Conference Paper
Peter Ferschin
Konstruktive Hilfsmittel für den CAD-Einsatz in der Architektur. Eine interaktive geometrische Orientierungshilfe und geometrische Relationen
Master Thesis
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