Haichao Miao
Visual Abstraction and Modeling in DNA Nanotechnology, 14. December 2017, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia

Lukas Pezenka
BrainXPlore - Decision finding in Brain Biopsy Planning
[image] [Master Thesis]

Bernhard Steiner, Elham Mousavian, Fatemeh Mehdizadeh Saradj, Michael Wimmer, Przemyslaw Musialski
Integrated Structural-Architectural Design for Interactive Planning
Computer Graphics Forum, 36(8):80-94, December 2017. [preprint]

Katharina Krösl, Markus Schütz
X-Mas Card 2017
[X Mas card] [X max 2017]

Mateu Sbert, Han-Wei Shen, Ivan Viola, Min Chen, Anton Bardera, Miquel Feixas
Information Theory In Visualization, 30. November 2017, Bangkok, Thailand
[course notes]

Katharina Unger
Evaluation of Machine Learning Frameworks on Tuberculosis Classification of Chest Radiographs

Manuela Waldner
Guiding Attention in Complex Visualizations using Flicker, 17. November 2017, Czech Technical University

Clemens Rögner
Temporal Upsampling for Image Sequences Using a Non-Local Means Algorithm
[poster] [thesis]

David Kouřil
Challenges and advances in multi-scale biology data visualization, 16. November 2017, Czech Technical University

Adam Celarek
Quantifying the Convergence of Light-Transport Algorithms
[poster] [thesis]

Bernhard Rainer
Interactive Shape Detection in Out-of-Core Point Clouds for Assisted User Interactions
[image] [Master thesis]

Nicholas Waldin
Using and Adapting to Limits of Human Perception in Visualization
Supervisor: Ivan Viola
Duration: 3 years

Meister Eduard Gröller
A Random Talk on Random Walks, 20. October 2017, University of Bergen, Norway

Felix Kreuzer
Using Perception-Based Filtering to Hide Shadow Artifacts
[poster] [thesis]

Michael Oppitz
3D Mass Customization: Real-Time High-Quality Lighting Effects for WebGL

Shaojun Hu, Zhengrong Li, Zhiyi Zhang, Dongijan He, Michael Wimmer
Efficient Tree Modeling from Airborne LiDAR Point Clouds
Computers & Graphics, 67:1-13, October 2017. [draft]

Peter Mindek, Gabriel Mistelbauer, Meister Eduard Gröller, Stefan Bruckner
Data-Sensitive Visual Navigation
Computers & Graphics, 67(C):77-85, October 2017. [Paper]

Reinhold Preiner
Dynamic and Probabilistic Point-Cloud Processing
Supervisor: Michael Wimmer
Duration: 2010-2017

Alexandra Diehl, L. Pelorosso, Claudio Delrieux, Kresimir Matkovic, Meister Eduard Gröller, Stefan Bruckner
Albero: A Visual Analytics Approach for Probabilistic Weather Forecasting
Computer Graphics Forum 36(7) 135-144 (2017), October 2017. [paper]

Kurt Leimer, Lukas Gersthofer, Michael Wimmer, Przemyslaw Musialski
Relation-Based Parametrization and Exploration of Shape Collections
Computers & Graphics, 67:127-137, October 2017. [preprint] [video]

Christoph Weinzierl
Adaptively Clustered Reflective Shadow Maps
[poster] [thesis]

Werner Purgathofer
From Visualization to Decision Support, 29. September 2017, Hangzhou, China

Meister Eduard Gröller
A Matter of Scale, 28. September 2017, Molecular Animation Summit, University of Utah, SCI

Werner Purgathofer
From Visualization to Decision Support, 28. September 2017, Nanjing, China

Michael Pointner
Multi-Focal Image Generation using Automatic Depth-Based Focus Selection
[image] [thesis]

Johannes Sorger
Integration Strategies in the Visualization of Multifaceted Spatial Data
Supervisor: Ivan Viola
Duration: 2013 - 2017

Stefan Dietrich
SirTom - Structural information retaining Triangle-based Occlusion Management
[Bachelor Thesis] [image]

Ivalina Jordakieva
Visualization of Filter Rules in Autonomous Software-Agents
[poster] [thesis]

Ivan Viola, Tobias Isenberg
Pondering the Concept of Abstraction in (Illustrative) Visualization
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, (99), September 2017.

Nikola Dodik
Implementing Probabilistic Connections for Bidirectional Path Tracing in the Mitsuba Renderer

Georg Zotti, Florian Schaukowitsch, Michael Wimmer
Beyond 3D Models: Simulation of Temporally Evolving Models in Stellarium
Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry, 18(4):501-506, September 2017. [paper]

Jakob Knapp
Explorable Semiconductors: Interacting with Crystal Structures in Virtual Reality
[Bachelor Thesis] [image]

Gerald Michl
Generation and Visualisation of Crystal Structures
[Bachelor Thesis] [image]

Simon Maximilian Fraiss
Rendering Large Point Clouds in Unity

Stefan Sietzen
A Method for Automatically Animating the Reassembly of Arbitrary Voronoi-Fractured Objects

Katharina Krösl, Christian Luksch, Michael Schwärzler, Michael Wimmer
LiteMaker: Interactive Luminaire Development using Progressive Photon Tracing and Multi-Resolution Upsampling
In Vision, Modeling & Visualization, pages 1-8. September 2017.
[paper] [video]

Meister Eduard Gröller
Adaptive Visual Computing, 31. August 2017, University of Konstanz

Niko Leopold
Algorithmic Botany via Lindenmayer Systems in Blender

Thomas Köppel
Extracting Noise Models – considering X / Y and Z Noise

Nicolas Grossmann
Extracting Sensor Specific Noise Models

Klara Brandstätter
Implementation and Evaluation of a Fish-Eye Lens for Interactive Visualization of Features in Volumetric Datasets

Sebastian Esberger
A History of Austrian Computer Games

Mario Zusag
Deep Learning Architectures for vessel Segmentation in 2D and 3D Biomedical Images
[Bachelor Thesis] [image]

Stefan Stappen
Hybrid Frames - Animated Narrative Sequences in Molecular Visualization
[teaser] [thesis]

Jan Byska, Mathieu Le Muzic, Meister Eduard Gröller, Ivan Viola, Barbora Kozlikova
AnimoAminoMiner: Exploration of Protein Tunnels and their Properties in Molecular Dynamics
Poster shown at BioVis@ISMB 2017 (24. July 2017)

Philipp Erler
Haptic Feedback in Room-Scale VR
[thesis] [VR Apps Repo] [Analyzer Repo]

Werner Purgathofer
Visual Computing als Interface zur Entscheidungsunterstützung, 4. July 2017, Wien

Bálint Kovács
Shadow Volumes in Unreal Engine 4
[Bachelor Thesis] [image]

Guillermo Garcia-Escribano
Visual Evaluation of Computational Models of the Biological Mesoscale

Daniel Cornel, Hiroyuki Sakai, Christian Luksch, Michael Wimmer
Forced Random Sampling: fast generation of importance-guided blue-noise samples
The Visual Computer, 33(6):833-843, June 2017. [paper]

Thomas Geymayer, Manuela Waldner, Alexander Lex, Dieter Schmalstieg
How Sensemaking Tools Influence Display Space Usage
In EuroVis Workshop on Visual Analytics. June 2017.

Silvana Podaras
Automated Classification of Road-Surface Types Based on Crowd-Sourced Data

Manuel Matusich
Billboarded Cutaway Visualization for Subsurface Urban Sewer Networks - Flood Simulation embedded in Unity3D
[Bachelor Thesis] [image]

Ivan Viola, Martin Seyfert
Dynamic word clouds
In Proceedings of SCCG 2017. May 2017.
[image] [paper]

Mohamed Radwan, Stefan Ohrhallinger, Elmar Eisemann, Michael Wimmer
Cut and Paint: Occlusion-Aware Subset Selection for Surface Processing
In Proceedings of Graphics Interface 2017, pages 82-89. May 2017.

Manuela Waldner, Alexey Karimov, Meister Eduard Gröller
Exploring Visual Prominence of Multi-Channel Highlighting in Visualizations
In Spring Conference on Computer Graphics 2017. May 2017.

Maria Lujan Ganuza, Gabriela Ferracutti, Maria Florencia Gargiulo, Silvia Castro, Ernesto Bjerg, Meister Eduard Gröller, Kresimir Matkovic
Interactive Visual Categorization of Spinel-Group Minerals
In Proceedings of the 33rd Spring Conference on Computer Graphics (SCCG 2017). May 2017.

Daniel Gehrer, Ivan Viola
Visualization of molecular machinery using agent-based animation
In Proceedings of SCCG 2017. May 2017.

David Kouřil, Mathieu Le Muzic, Barbora Kozlikova, Ivan Viola
Maya2cellVIEW: Integrated Tool for Creating Large and Complex Molecular Scenes
Poster shown at Spring Conference on Computer Graphics 2017 (May 2017)

Johannes Sorger, Peter Mindek, Peter Rautek, Meister Eduard Gröller, Graham Johnson, Ivan Viola
Metamorphers: Storytelling Templates For Illustrative Animated Transitions in Molecular Visualization
In Proceedings of the Spring Conference on Computer Graphics 2017, pages 27-36. May 2017.
[paper] [teaser] [video]

Nicholas Waldin, Manuela Waldner, Ivan Viola
Flicker Observer Effect: Guiding Attention Through High Frequency Flicker in Images
Computer Graphics Forum, 36(2), May 2017. [paper]

Pablo Balduz
Walk line drawing

Daniel Gehrer
Visualization of molecular machinery using agent-based animation
[image] [Master thesis]

Patrick Mayr
Automatic Summarization of Image Datasets
[Bachelor Thesis] [image]

Andreas Winkler
Collaborative Procedural Modeling driven by User Feedback

Maria Lujan Ganuza, J.M. Trippel Nagel, N.F. Gazcón, Silvia Castro, Ernesto Bjerg, Maria Florencia Gargiulo, Gabriela Ferracutti, Kresimir Matkovic, Meister Eduard Gröller
Visualización y Realidad Aumentada en el Campo de las Ciencias Geológicas

[image] [paper]

Renata Raidou, Marcel Breeuwer, Anna Vilanova
Visual Analytics for Digital Radiotherapy: Towards a Comprehensible Pipeline
Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings of Eurographics), 36, April 2017. [image2]

Haichao Miao
Visualization and Modeling in DNA Nanotechnology, April 2017, Inria, Grenoble, France

Peter Mindek, Johannes Sorger, David Kouřil, Tobias Klein, Graham Johnson, Ivan Viola
The Birth of a Virtual Cell
submitted to the Pacific Vis 2017 Storytelling Contest

Renata Raidou
Visual Analytics for Digital Radiotherapy: Towards a Comprehensible Pipeline.. TU Eindhoven, March 2017.

Lukas Mitterhofer
Modeling Microorganisms
[Bachelor Thesis] [image]

Siegfried Reinwald
Fast kNN in Screen Space on GPU
[image] [thesis]

Alexander Gall
Comparison of Vessel Segmentation Techniques
[Bachelor Thesis] [image]

Anja Heim
Semiautomated Editing of Vessel Segmentation Masks
[Bachelor Thesis] [image]

Julian Wagner
3D-Printing of Fetal Ultrasound
[Bachelor Thesis] [image]

Andreas Walch
Lens Flare Prediction based on Measurements with Real-Time Visualization

Theresa Wihann
Statistical Modelling of Microorganisms
[Bachelor Thesis] [image]

Guruprasad Rao, Aleksandr Amirkhanov, Dietmar Salaberger, Johannes Kastner, Christoph Heinzl
Damage characterization in SFRP using X-ray computed tomography after application of incremental and interrupted in situ quasi static tensile loading
In Proceedings of 7th Conference on Industrial Computed Tomography , Leuven , Belgium (iCT 2017). February 2017.

Klemens Jahrmann, Michael Wimmer
Responsive Real-Time Grass Rendering for General 3D Scenes
In Proceedings of the 21st ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games, pages 6:1-6:10. February 2017.

Michael Schwärzler, Lisa-Maria Kellner, Stefan Maierhofer, Michael Wimmer
Sketch-based Guided Modeling of 3D Buildings from Oriented Photos
In Proceedings of the 21st ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games, pages 9:1-9:8. February 2017.

Aleksandr Amirkhanov, Dietmar Salaberger, Johannes Kastner, Christoph Heinzl, Meister Eduard Gröller
Comparison of Final Fracture Extraction Techniques for Interrupted In situ Tensile Tests of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymers
In Proceedings of 7th Conference on Industrial Computed Tomography , Leuven , Belgium (iCT 2017) . February 2017.

Klaus Eckelt
Vascular Printing - 3D Printing of Aortic Dissections
[Bachelor Thesis] [image]

Meister Eduard Gröller
Interactive Visual Analysis in the Material and Computational Sciences, 10. January 2017, Workshop on Visual analysis of dynamic processes, Rigi Kulm, Switzerland

Ivan Kolesár, Stefan Bruckner, Ivan Viola, Helwig Hauser
A Fractional Cartesian Composition Model for Semi-Spatial ComparativeVisualization Design
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 23(1), January 2017.

David Kouřil
Maya2CellVIEW: 3D Package Integrated Tool for Creating Large and Complex Molecular Scenes

Tobias Sippl
Projecting Openstreetmap Tiles onto 3D-Surfaces

Georg Zotti, Florian Schaukowitsch, Michael Wimmer
The Skyscape Planetarium
Culture and Cosmos, 21(1):269-281, 2017. [paper]

Haichao Miao, Gabriel Mistelbauer, Alexey Karimov, Amir Alansary, Alice Davidson, David F.A. Lloyd, Mellisa Damodaram, Lisa Story, Jana Hutter, Joseph V. Hajnal, Mary Rutherford, Bernhard Preim, Bernhard Kainz, Meister Eduard Gröller
Placenta Maps: In Utero Placental Health Assessment of the Human Fetus
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 23(6):1612-1623, 2017.

Michael Mazurek
Stream I/O - An Interactive Visualization of Publication Data

Michael Mazurek
Visualization of Thesaurus-Based Web Search

Peter Mindek, David Kouřil, Johannes Sorger, David Toloudis, Blair Lyons, Graham Johnson, Meister Eduard Gröller, Ivan Viola
Visualization Multi-Pipeline for Communicating Biology
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 24(1), 2017. [Paper] [Preview Movie] [Slides]

Tanja Travnicek
Tangible Historical Maps: An Approach Towards Customisable 3D Printed Historical Maps
[Bachelor Thesis] [image]

Rebeka Koszticsak
Generating Expressive Window Thumbnails through Seam Carving

Lukas Gersthofer
Clipping and Orthogonal Projection in a Point Cloud Viewer

Viktor Vad, Jan Byska, Adam Jurcik, Ivan Viola, Meister Eduard Gröller, Helwig Hauser, Sergio M. Margues, Jiri Damborsky, Barbora Kozlikova
Watergate: Visual Exploration of Water Trajectories in Protein Dynamics
In Eurographics Workshop on Visual Computing for Biology and Medicine 2017, pages 33-42. 2017.

Claus Scheiblauer, Norbert Zimmermann, Michael Wimmer
Workflow for Creating and Rendering Huge Point Models
In Fundamentals of Virtual Archaeology: Theory and Practice, 2017

Daniel Steinböck
Visualization of EU Funding Programmes

Haichao Miao
Visualization of Brain Arteries, the Placenta and DNA Nanostructures in the Context of Abstraction, 2017, State Key Lab - Zhejiang University