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Virtual Texturing
[poster] [Thesis]

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A Layered Particle-Based Fluid Model for Real-Time Rendering of Water
[poster] [thesis]

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[image] [paper]

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Extracting Vanishing Points across Multiple Views

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[image] [paper]

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Artist-Controlled Modeling of Urban Environments
[poster] [thesis]

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Visual Queries in Neuronal Data Exploration

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Noise and Artifact Reduction in Interactive Volume Renderings of Electron-Microscopy Data-Sets
[image] [paper]

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Interactive Curved Reflections in Large Point Clouds
[poster] [thesis]

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Markov Random Field Based Structure Localisation of Vertebrae for 3D-Segmentation of the Spine in CT Volume Data
[image] [paper]

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[draft] [presentation-odp] [presentation-pdf]

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volumeshop 101, 28. April 2010, Software Engineering Seminar, Vancouver, Vienna

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High-performance GPU based Rendering for Real-Time, rigid 2D/3D-Image Registration in Radiation Oncology
[image] [paper]

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Visibility in a real-world cross-platform game engine
[poster] [Thesis]

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Similarity Detection for Urban Modeling

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Levels of Detail for Procedural Modeling

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X-Mas 2010

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In-Game Advertizing

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Enabling bimodal search in games by spatial sound rendering

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Mesh-Subdivision Methods in CGA Shape Grammars

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How To Do Research

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Integrated Views in Visualization, 2010, University of Bergen

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Practical Tips and Tricks for Paper Writing (updated 2021)

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Out-of-Core rendering and simplifications for rendering large scenes

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3D Stereo Demo System

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Rendering Diffusion Curves in 2 and 3 Dimensions, 7. October 2010- 8. October 2010, MPII Saarbruecken

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L-Systems for Fine Art

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Simulation and Visualization of the Behavior of Handicapped People in Virtually Reconstructed Public Buildings
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Inverse Kinematics for Shape Grammars

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Visual Computing, 2010, Wien, Austria

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Real time simulation of fire extinguishing scenarios

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