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Matthias Bernhard, Manuela WaldnerORCID iD, Pascal Plank, Veronika Solteszova, Ivan ViolaORCID iD
The Accuracy of Gauge-Figure Tasks in Monoscopic and Stereo Displays
IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 36(4):56-66, July 2016.
Journal Paper (without talk)
Åsmund Birkeland, Veronika Solteszova, Dieter Hönigmann, Odd Helge Gilja, Svein Brekke, Timo Ropinski, Ivan ViolaORCID iD
The Ultrasound Visualization Pipeline
In Scientific Visualization, pages 283-303, September 2014 [paper]
Article in a Book
Veronika Solteszova, Åsmund Birkeland, Ivan ViolaORCID iD, Stefan BrucknerORCID iD
Visibility-Driven Processing of Streaming Volume Data
In Proceedings of EG VCBM 2014, pages 127-136. September 2014.
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Conference Paper
Ivan ViolaORCID iD, Åsmund Birkeland, Veronika Solteszova, Linn Helljesen, Helwig HauserORCID iD, Spiros Kotopoulis, Kim Nylund, Dag Magne Ulvang, Ola Kristoffer Øye, Trygve Hausken, Odd Helge Gilja
High-Quality 3D Visualization of In-Situ Ultrasonography
In EG 2013 - Dirk Bartz Prize, pages 1-4. May 2013.
Conference Paper
Veronika Solteszova
Visual Queries in Neuronal Data Exploration
Master Thesis
Multidirectional Occlusion Shading Model for Direct Volume Rendering Veronika Solteszova, Daniel Patel, Stefan BrucknerORCID iD, Ivan ViolaORCID iD
A Multidirectional Occlusion Shading Model for Direct Volume Rendering
Computer Graphics Forum, 29(3):883-891, June 2010. [Paper]
Journal Paper with Conference Talk
Visualization of neural clusters in the fly brain Stefan BrucknerORCID iD, Veronika Solteszova, Eduard GröllerORCID iD, Jiří HladůvkaORCID iD, Katja Bühler, Jai Yu, Barry Dickson
BrainGazer - Visual Queries for Neurobiology Research
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 15(6):1497-1504, November 2009. [Paper]
Journal Paper with Conference Talk
Veronika Solteszova, Maurice Termeer, Eduard GröllerORCID iD
Advanced Volume Painting with Game Controllers
In Proceedings of the 25th Spring Conference on Computer Graphics (SCCG), pages 125-132. April 2009.
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