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Hsiang-Yun Wu, Martin Nöllenburg, Ivan Viola
Multi-level Area Balancing of Clustered Graphs
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG), x:1-15, December 2020. [paper] [video]
Journal Paper (without talk)
Sherif Sakr, Angela Bonifati, Hannes Voigt, Alexandru Iosup, Hsiang-Yun Wu et al.
The Future is Big Graphs! A Community View on Graph Processing Systems
Communications of the ACM , x:1-14, December 2020. [image] [paper]
Journal Paper (without talk)
Laura R. Luidolt, Michael Wimmer, Katharina Krösl
Gaze-Dependent Simulation of Light Perception in Virtual Reality
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Volume 26, Issue 12:3557-3567, December 2020. [paper]
Journal Paper with Conference Talk
Katharina Krösl, Carmine Elvezio, Laura R. Luidolt, Matthias Hürbe, Sonja Karst, Steven Feiner, Michael Wimmer
CatARact: Simulating Cataracts in Augmented Reality
In IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR)., pages 1-10. November 2020.
Conference Paper
Markus Schütz, Stefan Ohrhallinger, Michael Wimmer
Fast Out-of-Core Octree Generation for Massive Point Clouds
Computer Graphics Forum, 39(7):1-13, November 2020. [paper]
Journal Paper with Conference Talk
Ladislav Čmolík, Václav Pavlovec, Hsiang-Yun Wu, Martin Nöllenburg
Mixed Labeling: Integrating Internal and External Labels
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG), x:1-14, November 2020. [image] [paper]
Journal Paper (without talk)
Philipp Erler, Paul Guerrero, Stefan Ohrhallinger, Michael Wimmer, Niloy Mitra
Points2Surf: Learning Implicit Surfaces from Point Clouds
In Computer Vision -- ECCV 2020, pages 108-124. October 2020.
[points2surf_paper] [short video]
Conference Paper
Stefan Meusburger
Visual Comparison of Spatial Deviations via Geospatial Slicing
[Bachelor thesis] [Image]
Bachelor Thesis
Simon Pointner
Controllable Animation for Information Visualisation
Bachelor Thesis
Werner Purgathofer
VR and Visualization in Industry, 19. October 2020, Nanchang, China
Invited Talk
Sebastian Mazza, Daniel Patel, Ivan Viola
Homomorphic-Encrypted Volume Rendering
IEEE Transactions on Visualization andComputer Graphics, 27:1-10, October 2020. [image] [Paper]
Journal Paper with Conference Talk
Silvana Zechmeister
Interactive Visualization of Vector Data on Heightfields
[image] [Master Thesis] [Poster]
Master Thesis
Katarína Furmanová, Nicolas Grossmann, Ludvig Paul Muren, Oscar Casares-Magaz, Vitali Moiseenko, John P. Einck, Meister Eduard Gröller, Renata Raidou
VAPOR: Visual Analytics for the Exploration of Pelvic Organ Variability in Radiotherapy
Computer & Graphics, 91:25-38, October 2020.
Journal Paper (without talk)
Renata Raidou, Meister Eduard Gröller, Hsiang-Yun Wu
Slice and Dice: A PhysicalizationWorkflow for Anatomical Edutainment
Computer Graphics Forum (CGF), x:1-12, October 2020. [example] [image] [paper]
Journal Paper with Conference Talk
Marwin Schindler, Hsiang-Yun Wu, Renata Raidou
The Anatomical Edutainer
In IEEE Vis Short Papers 2020, pages 1-5. October 2020.
[image] [paper preprint]
Conference Paper
Jakob Pernsteiner
Ensuring the Effectiveness of CHC++ in Vulkan
Bachelor Thesis
Akari Iijima, Takayuki Itoh, Hsiang-Yun Wu, Nicolas Grossmann
Visualization of Semantic Differential Studies with a Large Number of Images, Participants and Attributes
In Proceedings of the 24th International Conference on Information Visualisation (iV2020), pages 1-6. September 2020.
[image] [paper]
Conference Paper
Narumi Kuroko, Hayato Ohya, Takayuki Itoh, Nicolas Grossmann, Hsiang-Yun Wu
Visualization of Correlations between Places of Music Listening and Acoustic Features
In Proceedings of the 24th International Conference on Information Visualisation (iV2020), pages 1-6. September 2020.
[image] [paper]
Conference Paper
Helen C. Purchase, Daniel Archambault, Stephen Kobourov, Martin Nöllenburg, Sergey Pupyrev, Hsiang-Yun Wu
The Turing Test for Graph Drawing Algorithms
In Proceedings of the 28th International Symposium on Graph Drawing and Network Visualization (GD2020), pages 1-16. September 2020.
[image] [paper]
Conference Paper
Christoph Presch
Semi-Automatic Creation of Concept Maps
[Master Thesis] [Poster] [teaser]
Master Thesis
Fabrizia Bechtold
Getting Insight on Animal Behaviour through Interactive Visualization of Multiple T-Maze Ensembles
[Bachelor thesis] [image]
Bachelor Thesis
Daniela Stoll
Tactile Multi-Media Guide - Interaction design on tactile reliefs
[Image] [Master Thesis]
Master Thesis
Maximilian Riegler
High-Performance Framework for Dataset Generation
Bachelor Thesis
Anna Sebernegg, Peter Kán, Hannes Kaufmann
Motion Similarity Modeling - A State of the Art Report
TR-193-02-2020-5, August 2020 [arXiv]
Technical Report
Christian Freude, Hiroyuki Sakai, Károly Zsolnai-Fehér, Michael Wimmer
R-Score: A Novel Approach to Compare Monte Carlo Renderings
TR-193-02-2020-4, August 2020 [technical-report]
Technical Report
Meliha Honic, Iva Kovacic, Ildar Gilmutdinov, Michael Wimmer
Scan to BIM for the Semi-Automated Generation of a Material Passport for an Existing Building
In Proceedings of the 37th International Conference of CIB W78, pages 338-346. August 2020.
Conference Paper
Johannes Otepka, Gottfried Mandlburger, Markus Schütz, Norbert Pfeifer, Michael Wimmer
Efficient Loading and Visualization of Massive Feature-Richt Point Clouds Without Hierarchical Acceleration Structures
ISPRS - International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences, XLIII-B2-2020:293-300, August 2020. [paper]
Journal Paper with Conference Talk
Elias Brugger, Christian Freude, Michael Wimmer
Test Scene Design for Physically Based Rendering

[paper] [arXiv]
Miscellaneous Publication
Theresa Neubauer
Volumetric Image Segmentation on Multimodal Medical Images using Deep Learning
[image] [Master Thesis]
Master Thesis
Elisa De Llano, Haichao Miao, Yasaman Ahmadi, Armanda J Wilson, Morgan Beeby, Ivan Viola, Ivan Barisic
Adenita: interactive 3D modelling and visualization of DNA nanostructures
Nucleic Acids Research, July 2020.
Journal Paper (without talk)
Linus Horvath, Bernhard Kerbl, Michael Wimmer
Improved Triangle Encoding for Cached Adaptive Tessellation
Poster shown at HPG 2020 ( 1. May 2020-22. June 2020)
[paper] [poster]
Alexander Reznicek
FPGARay: Accelerating Physically Based Rendering Using FPGAs
Master Thesis
Károly Zsolnai-Fehér, Peter Wonka, Michael Wimmer
Photorealistic Material Editing Through Direct Image Manipulation
Computer Graphics Forum, 39(4):107-120, June 2020. [paper] [Supplementary video]
Journal Paper with Conference Talk
Werner Purgathofer
The Role of Visual Computing in the Digitization Process, 23. June 2020, Nanjing, China
Invited Talk
Oliver Pilizar
Artistic Metro Maps
Bachelor Thesis
Zoltan Oremus, Kahin Akram Hassan, Jiri Chmelik, Michaela Knazkova, Jan Byska, Renata Raidou, Barbora Kozlikova
PINGU Principles of Interactive Navigation for Geospatial Understanding
In 2020 IEEE Pacific Visualization Symposium (PacificVis), pages 216-225. June 2020.
Conference Paper
Hsiang-Yun Wu, Benjamin Niedermann, Shigeo Takahashi, Maxwell J. Roberts, Martin Nöllenburg
A Survey on Transit Map Layout – from Design, Machine, and Human Perspectives
Computer Graphics Forum, 39(3):619-646, May 2020. [image] [paper]
Journal Paper with Conference Talk
Thorsten Korpitsch, Shigeo Takahashi, Meister Eduard Gröller, Hsiang-Yun Wu
Simulated Annealing to Unfold 3D Meshes and Assign Glue Tabs
In Proceedings of the 28th International Conference in Central Europe on Computer Graphics, pages 1-10. May 2020.
[image] [paper] [video]
Conference Paper
Blagoy Panayotov
A Visual Exploration Tool forTemporal Analysis of CustomerReviews
[image] [Master Thesis] [Poster]
Master Thesis
Martin Mautner
Interactive 3D Storytelling for Planetary Exploration
[image] [Master Thesis] [Poster]
Master Thesis
Thorsten Korpitsch, Hsiang-Yun Wu
Optimising 3D Mesh Unfoldings with Additional Gluetabs using Simulated Annealing
TR-193-02-2020-2, May 2020 [image] [paper]
Technical Report
Christian Luksch, Lukas Prost, Michael Wimmer
Real-Time Approximation of Photometric Polygonal Lights
Proceedings of the ACM on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, 3(1):4.1-4.18, May 2020. [Paper] [Video]
Journal Paper with Conference Talk
Markus Schütz, Gottfried Mandlburger, Johannes Otepka, Michael Wimmer
Progressive Real-Time Rendering of One Billion Points Without Hierarchical Acceleration Structures
Computer Graphics Forum, 39(2):51-64, May 2020. [paper]
Journal Paper with Conference Talk
Renata Raidou, Katarína Furmanová, Nicolas Grossmann, Oscar Casares-Magaz, Vitali Moiseenko, John P. Einck, Meister Eduard Gröller, Ludvig Paul Muren
Lessons Learnt from Developing Visual Analytics Applications for Adaptive Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy
In The Gap between Visualization Research and Visualization Software (VisGap) (2020), pages 1-8. May 2020.
Conference Paper
Wolfgang Tatzgern, Benedikt Mayr, Bernhard Kerbl, Markus Steinberger
Stochastic Substitute Trees for Real-Time Global Illumination
In Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games, pages 1-9. May 2020.
Conference Paper
Johannes Unterguggenberger, Bernhard Kerbl, Markus Steinberger, Dieter Schmalstieg, Michael Wimmer
Fast Multi-View Rendering for Real-Time Applications
In Eurographics Symposium on Parallel Graphics and Visualization, pages 13-23. May 2020.
Conference Paper
Mohammadreza Mirzaei, Peter Kán, Hannes Kaufmann
EarVR: Using Ear Haptics in Virtual Reality for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing People
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 26(05):2084-2093, May 2020. [TVCG]
Journal Paper with Conference Talk
Katharina Unger
Interactive Visual Exploration ofLarge Bipartite Graphs usingFirework Plots
[image] [Master Thesis] [Poster] [Firework Plots Online]
Master Thesis
Balint-Istvan Kovacs
VR Bridges: An Approach to Simulating Uneven Surfaces in VR
[Image] [Master Thesis]
Master Thesis
Marwin Schindler
Anatomical Entertainer: Physical Visualization in a Medical Context
[Bachelor thesis] [image]
Bachelor Thesis
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