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Vahan Yoghourdjian, Daniel Archambault, Stephan Diehl, Tim Dwyer, Karsten Klein, Helen C. Purchase, Hsiang-Yun Wu
Exploring the limits of complexity: A survey of empirical studies ongraph visualisation
Visual Informatics, January 2019.
Journal Paper (without talk)
David Kouřil, Ladislav Čmolík, Barbora Kozlikova, Hsiang-Yun Wu, Graham Johnson, David Goodsell, Arthur Olson, Meister Eduard Gröller, Ivan Viola
Labels on Levels: Labeling of Multi-Scale Multi-Instance and Crowded 3D Biological Environments
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, January 2019. [LoL-conference-presentation] [paper]
Journal Paper with Conference Talk
Dominik Scholz
Tile-Based Procedural Terrain Generation
Bachelor Thesis
Patrick Hromniak
Visual Comparison of Natural Language Processing Pipelines
Bachelor Thesis
Renata Raidou
Visual Analytics for the Representation, Exploration and Analysis of High-Dimensional, Multi-Faceted Medical Data
In Biomedical Visualisation, 2019
Article in a Book
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