Illustrative Visualization

Scientific illustration is concerned with researching ways in which complex biological and medical data can be abstracted in order to convey a desired information that would otherwise be impossible or hard to retrieve from the original data. Illustrators apply such techniques, for instance, to present non-important parts of an organ in a simplified way, while using detailed representations to put the focus of attention on a region where a tumor might be situated. To identify such meaningful visual abstractions for visualization, their effectiveness for human perception and cognition has to be assessed, and they have to be formalized in order to make them applicable in rendering algorithms. In this project, we try to advance the understanding of procedural visual abstraction of complex physiological processes that describe the complex machinery of biological life.


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Andreas Gogel
Visualization-Guided Classification of Carbonized Seeds from Early Human Civilizations
[Image] [Master Thesis] [Poster]
Master Thesis
Thomas Ortner, Andreas Walch, Rebecca Nowak, Robert Barnes, Thomas Höllt, Meister Eduard Gröller
InCorr: Interactive Data-Driven Correlation Panels for Digital Outcrop Analysis
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 21:1-10, November 2020. [Image] [Paper]
Journal Paper with Conference Talk
Anja Heim
Visual Comparison of Multivariate Data Ensembles
[Image] [Master Thesis] [Poster]
Master Thesis
Antonella Antonini, Maria Lujan Ganuza, Gabriela Ferracutti, Maria Florencia Gargiulo, Kresimir Matkovic, Meister Eduard Gröller, Ernesto Bjerg, Silvia Mabel Castro
Spinel web: an interactive web application for visualizing the chemical composition of spinel group minerals
Earth Science Informatics, 13:1-8, November 2020. [Image] [Paper]
Journal Paper (without talk)
Thomas Köppel
Context-Responsive Labeling in Augmented Reality
[Image] [Master Thesis] [Poster]
Master Thesis
Stefan Meusburger
Visual Comparison of Spatial Deviations via Geospatial Slicing
[Bachelor thesis] [Image]
Bachelor Thesis
Silvana Zechmeister
Interactive Visualization of Vector Data on Heightfields
[image] [Master Thesis] [Poster]
Master Thesis
Marwin Schindler, Hsiang-Yun Wu, Renata Raidou
The Anatomical Edutainer
In IEEE Vis Short Papers 2020, pages 1-5. October 2020.
[image] [paper preprint]
Conference Paper
Fabrizia Bechtold
Getting Insight on Animal Behaviour through Interactive Visualization of Multiple T-Maze Ensembles
[Bachelor thesis] [image]
Bachelor Thesis
Daniela Stoll
Tactile Multi-Media Guide - Interaction design on tactile reliefs
[Image] [Master Thesis]
Master Thesis
Elisa De Llano, Haichao Miao, Yasaman Ahmadi, Armanda J Wilson, Morgan Beeby, Ivan Viola, Ivan Barisic
Adenita: interactive 3D modelling and visualization of DNA nanostructures
Nucleic Acids Research, July 2020.
Journal Paper (without talk)
Martin Mautner
Interactive 3D Storytelling for Planetary Exploration
[image] [Master Thesis] [Poster]
Master Thesis
Blagoy Panayotov
A Visual Exploration Tool forTemporal Analysis of CustomerReviews
[image] [Master Thesis] [Poster]
Master Thesis
Katharina Unger
Interactive Visual Exploration ofLarge Bipartite Graphs usingFirework Plots
[image] [Master Thesis] [Poster] [Firework Plots Online]
Master Thesis
Manuel Schrempf
Fantastic Voyage: An AugmentedReality Approach to AnatomicalEducation for the General Public
[image] [Master Thesis] [Poster]
Master Thesis
Nicolas Swoboda
Visualisation and Interaction Techniques for the Exploration of the Fruit Fly’s Neural Structure
[image] [Master Thesis] [Poster]
Master Thesis
David Kouřil, Tobias Isenberg, Barbora Kozlikova, Miriah Meyer, Meister Eduard Gröller, Ivan Viola
HyperLabels: Browsing of Dense and Hierarchical Molecular 3D Models
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 1:1-12, February 2020. [image] [Paper]
Journal Paper with Conference Talk
Meister Eduard Gröller
Interactive Visual Analysis in the Computational Sciences, 29. January 2020, Hotel Praha, Ore Mountains, Czech Republic
Invited Talk
Sarkis Halladjian, Haichao Miao, David Kouřil, Meister Eduard Gröller, Ivan Viola, Tobias Isenberg
ScaleTrotter: Illustrative Visual Travels Across Negative Scales
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 26(1), January 2020. [paper]
Journal Paper with Conference Talk
Tobias Klein
Instant Construction of Atomistic Models for Visualization in Integrative Cell Biology
Supervisor: Ivan Viola
Duration: 2016-2019
Tobias Klein, Peter Mindek, Ludovic Autin, David Goodsell, Arthur Olson, Meister Eduard Gröller, Ivan Viola
Parallel Generation and Visualization of Bacterial Genome Structures
Computer Graphics Forum, 38(7):57-68, November 2019.
Journal Paper with Conference Talk
Maximillian Sbardellati, Haichao Miao, Hsiang-Yun Wu, Meister Eduard Gröller, Ivan Barisic, Ivan Viola
Interactive Exploded Views for Molecular Structures
In Proceedings of the 9th Eurographics Workshop on Visual Computing for Biology and Medicine, pages 103-112. September 2019.
Conference Paper
Peter Mindek, Tobias Klein, Ludovic Autin, Theresia Gschwandtner
Microtubule Catastrophe
VCBM 2019, Image Contest Jury's Award
[Microtubule Catastrophe]
Miscellaneous Publication
Hannah Clara Bayat
The Visualization of the Evolution of Cultural Models
[Bachelor Thesis] [image]
Bachelor Thesis
Tobias Klein, Ivan Viola, Meister Eduard Gröller, Peter Mindek
Multi-Scale Procedural Animations of Microtubule Dynamics Based on Measured Data
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 26(1):622-632, August 2019. [paper]
Journal Paper with Conference Talk
Robert Horvath
Image-Space Metaballs Using Deep Learning
[image] [Master Thesis]
Master Thesis
Shigeo Takahashi, Ken Maruyama, Takamasa Kawagoe, Hsiang-Yun Wu, Kazuo Misue, Masatoshi Arikawa
Mental Map Preservation for Progressively Labeling Railway Networks
International Journal of Art, Culture and Design Technologies, 8(1):31-50, June 2019. [pdf]
Journal Paper (without talk)
Haichao Miao, Elisa De Llano, Ivan Viola, Ivan Barisic
Interactive Visual Analysis for the Design of DNA Nanostructures
Poster shown at NANTECH 2019 – Nucleic Acid Nanotechnology: From Algorithmic Design to Biochemical Applications – Espoo, Finland (27. May 2019-29. May 2019)
Pascal Plank
Effective Line Drawing Generation
[image] [Master Thesis]
Master Thesis
Hsiang-Yun Wu, Martin Nöllenburg, Filipa L. Sousa, Ivan Viola
Metabopolis: Scalable Network Layout for Biological Pathway Diagrams in Urban Map Style
BMC Bioinformatics, 20(187):1-20, May 2019. [paper] [video]
Journal Paper (without talk)
Martin Riegelnegg
Conveying a Sense of Scale in 3D Planetary Environments
[Bachelor Thesis] [image]
Bachelor Thesis
Hsiang-Yun Wu, Haichao Miao, Ivan Viola
From Cells to Atoms - Biological Information Visualization (in Chinese)
TR-193-02-2019-1, March 2019 [paper]
Technical Report
Nicholas Waldin, Manuela Waldner, Mathieu Le Muzic, Meister Eduard Gröller, David Goodsell, Ludovic Autin, Arthur Olson, Ivan Viola
Cuttlefish: Color Mapping for Dynamic Multi‐Scale Visualizations
Computer Graphics Forum, 38(6):150-164, March 2019. [Open Access Article in Wiley Online Library]
Journal Paper (without talk)
Johanna Donabauer
VR-Client for Scenario-based Response Training in Disaster Management
[image] [Master thesis]
Master Thesis
Haichao Miao, Tobias Klein, David Kouřil, Peter Mindek, Karsten Schatz, Meister Eduard Gröller, Barbora Kozlikova, Tobias Isenberg, Ivan Viola
Multiscale Molecular Visualization
Journal of Molecular Biology, 6(31):1049-1070, January 2019. [Paper]
Journal Paper (without talk)
Peter Mindek
Molecular Visualization, 10. November 2018, FYI: Informationsdesign Konferenz Wien, Nordbahn-Halle, Vienna
Lucas Cunha Melo
Transfer Function Widget for Tri-Modal Volume Exploration
Bachelor Thesis
Maximillian Sbardellati
Interactive Exploded Views for Presenting DNA Nano-Structures
Bachelor Thesis
Michaela Niedermayer
Real-Time Shadows for Large-Scale Geospatial Visualization
[Bachelor Thesis] [image]
Bachelor Thesis
Maximilian Deutsch
Generating seating plan images using clustering and concave hull algorithms
Bachelor Thesis
Wolfgang Ludwig
Radial Diagrams for the Visual Analysis of Wind Energy Production Data
[image] [Poster]
Master Thesis
Artem Konev, Manuel Matusich, Ivan Viola, Hendrik Schulze, Daniel Cornel, Jürgen Waser
Fast cutaway visualization of sub-terrain tubular networks
Computers & Graphics, 75(5):25-35, October 2018.
Journal Paper (without talk)
Sebastian Haushofer
Dynamic molecular animation: GPU skinning for molecular data
Bachelor Thesis
Haichao Miao, Elisa De Llano, Tobias Isenberg, Meister Eduard Gröller, Ivan Barisic, Ivan Viola
DimSUM: Dimension and Scale Unifying Maps for Visual Abstraction of DNA Origami Structures
Computer Graphics Forum, 37(3), June 2018. [Paper]
Journal Paper with Conference Talk
Stefan Dietrich
Smart Visibility Technique for Linear and Planar Molecular Assemblies
Bachelor Thesis
Kai Lawonn, Ivan Viola, Bernhard Preim, Tobias Isenberg
A Survey of Surface-Based Illustrative Rendering for Visualization
Computer Graphics Forum, (NN), 2018.
Journal Paper (without talk)
Haichao Miao
Visual Abstraction and Modeling in DNA Nanotechnology, 14. December 2017, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia
Invited Talk
Katharina Krösl, Markus Schütz
X-Mas Card 2017
[X Mas card] [X max 2017]
X-Mas Card
Manuela Waldner
Guiding Attention in Complex Visualizations using Flicker, 17. November 2017, Czech Technical University
Invited Talk
David Kouřil
Challenges and advances in multi-scale biology data visualization, 16. November 2017, Czech Technical University
Invited Talk
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