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Johannes UnterguggenbergerORCID iD, Bernhard KerblORCID iD, Jakob Pernsteiner, Michael WimmerORCID iD
Conservative Meshlet Bounds for Robust Culling of Skinned Meshes
Computer Graphics Forum, 40(7):57-69, October 2021. [paper]
Journal Paper with Conference Talk
Samo Kolter
Creating an Interactive Web App for Computer Graphics Topics
[Bachelor thesis]
Bachelor Thesis
Alexius Rait
Fast Radial Search for Progressive Photon Mapping
Bachelor Thesis
Quiong Zeng, Yinqiao Zhao, Teng Zhang, Yi Ciao, Changhe TU, Ivan ViolaORCID iD, Yunhai Wang
Data-Driven Colormap Adjustment for Exploring Spatial Variations in Scalar Fields
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 9:1-15, September 2021. [Image] [Paper]
Journal Paper (without talk)
Caroline Magg, Laura Toussaint, Ludvig Paul Muren, Danny Indelicato, Renata RaidouORCID iD
Visual Assessment of Growth Prediction in Brain Structures after Pediatric Radiotherapy
In Eurographics Workshop on Visual Computing for Biology and Medicine (VCBM2021)., pages 31-35. September 2021.
Conference Paper
Tobias Batik, Soeren Nickel, Martin Nöllenburg, Yu-Shuen Wang, Hsiang-Yun WuORCID iD
Mixed Metro Maps with User-Specied Motifs
Poster shown at 29th International Symposium on Graph Drawing and Network Visualization (14. September 2021-17. September 2021)
GUI of the Solution Francesca Gauci, Maath MuslehORCID iD
Agritology: A Decision Support System for Local Farmers in Malta and Palestine
Poster shown at 3rd International Workshop on Semantics for Biodiversity (S4BioDiv) (11. September 2021-18. September 2021)
GUI of the Solution Maath MuslehORCID iD, Angelos Chatzimparmpas, Ilir Jusufi
Visual Analysis of Industrial Multivariate Time Series
In The 14th International Symposium on Visual Information Communication and Interaction, pages 1-5. September 2021.
Conference Paper
Daniel PahrORCID iD, Hsiang-Yun WuORCID iD, Renata RaidouORCID iD
Vologram: An Educational Holographic Sculpture for Volumetric Medical Data Physicalization
In Eurographics Workshop on Visual Computing for Biology and Medicine, pages 19-23. September 2021.
Conference Paper
Mohamed Radwan, Stefan OhrhallingerORCID iD, Michael WimmerORCID iD
Fast occlusion-based point cloud exploration
The Visual Computer Journal, 37:2769-2781, September 2021. [paper]
Journal Paper with Conference Talk
Lukas Eibensteiner, Martin Ilčík, Michael WimmerORCID iD
Temporal-Scope Grammars for Polyphonic Music Generation
In Proceedings of the 9th ACM SIGPLAN International Workshop on Functional Art, Music, Modelling, and Design (FARM ’21), pages 23-34. August 2021.
[preprint] [demo]
Conference Paper
Rebecca Nowak
Interactive Correlation Panels for the Geological Mapping of the Martian Surface
[image] [Master Thesis] [Poster]
Master Thesis
Soroosh MortezapoorORCID iD, Khrystyna VasylevskaORCID iD
Safety and Security Challenges for Collaborative Robotics in VR
In Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Security for XR and XR for Security (VR4Sec) at Symposium On Usable Privacy and Security (SOUPS) 2021, pages 1-4. August 2021.
Conference Paper
Christoph Heinzl
Visualization and Analysis of X-ray Computed Tomography Data
Supervisor: Eduard GröllerORCID iD
Duration: 1. January 2010 — 16. July 2021
Habilitation Thesis
Bernhard KerblORCID iD
Providing Highly Detailed Geometry for Cloud and Edge Real-Time Rendering, 7. July 2021, online
Invited Talk
Markus Schütz, Bernhard KerblORCID iD, Michael WimmerORCID iD
Rendering Point Clouds with Compute Shaders and Vertex Order Optimization
Computer Graphics Forum, 40(4):115-126, July 2021. [paper]
Journal Paper with Conference Talk
Moritz Roth
View-Dependent Surrogate Terminals for Procedural Geometry Generation
Bachelor Thesis
Alexandra DiehlORCID iD, Rodrigo PelorossoORCID iD, J Ruiz, Renato Pajarola, Eduard GröllerORCID iD, Stefan BrucknerORCID iD
Hornero: Thunderstorms Characterization using Visual Analytics
Computer Graphics Forum, 40(3):1-12, June 2021. [Image] [Paper]
Journal Paper (without talk)
GUI interaction snaps Maath MuslehORCID iD
Visual Analysis of Industrial Multivariate Time-Series Data: Effective Solution to Maximise Insights from Blow Moulding Machine Sensory Data
Master Thesis
Troidl Jakob
Spatial Neighborhood Analysis and Comparison for Nanoscale Brain Structures
[image] [Master Thesis] [Poster] [Video]
Master Thesis
Point cloud editor Marie-Sophie Pichler
Frontend for a photogrammetry webservice
[elephants] [Pix2Model Live-System] [Pix2Model Repo]
Student Project
Eduard GröllerORCID iD
How to do a Successful PhD (in Visual Computing), 20. May 2021, First Bio+Med+Vis Spring School, Online
[Image] [Presentation] [Video]
Dominik Scholz
A Modular Domain-Specific Language for Interactive 3D Visualization
[image] [Master Thesis] [Poster]
Master Thesis
Sebastian Mazza
Homomorphic-Encrypted Volume Rendering
[Image] [Master Thesis]
Master Thesis
Michael Kenzel, Bernhard KerblORCID iD, Martin Winter, Markus Steinberger
CUDA and Applications to Task-based Programming
In Eurographics 2021 - Tutorials, pages 1-5. May 2021.
Other Reviewed Publication
Jasmin Mahler
A Study of Multi-Document Active Reading in Analog and Digital Environments
[poster] [thesis]
Master Thesis
Thomas Bernhard Koch, Michael WimmerORCID iD
Guided Visibility Sampling++
Proceedings of the ACM on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, 4(1):4:1-4:16, April 2021. [author version]
Journal Paper with Conference Talk
Thomas Köppel, Eduard GröllerORCID iD, Hsiang-Yun WuORCID iD
Context-Responsive Labeling in Augmented Reality
In Proceedings of the 14th IEEE Pacific Visualization Symposium , pages 1-10. April 2021.
[paper] [video]
Conference Paper
Lukas Eibensteiner
Polyphonic music composition with grammars
[poster] [thesis]
Master Thesis
Reinhard Sprung
Mobile Collaborating Robots for Direct Haptics in Mixed Reality
[Image] [Master Thesis] [Poster]
Master Thesis
Thorsten Korpitsch
LSOVOMAN - Large-Scale Online Visualization of Austria's Media- Advertisement Networks
Student Project
David Kouřil
Interactive Visualization of Dense and Multi-Scale Data for Science Outreach
Supervisor: Ivan ViolaORCID iD
Duration: March 2017 — April 2021
[teaser] [thesis]
Sebastian Pirch, Felix Müller, Eugenia Iofinova, Julia Pazmandi, Christiane Hütter, Martin Chiettini, Celine Sin, Kaan Boztug, Iana Podkosova, Hannes KaufmannORCID iD, Jörg Menche
The VRNetzer platform enables interactive network analysis in Virtual Reality
Nature Communications, 12(2432):1-14, April 2021.
Journal Paper (without talk)
Katarína Furmanová, Ludvig Paul Muren, Oscar Casares-Magaz, Vitali Moiseenko, John P. Einck, Sara Pilskog, Renata RaidouORCID iD
PREVIS: Predictive visual analytics of anatomical variability for radiotherapy decision support
Computers and Graphics, 97:126-138, April 2021. [paper]
Journal Paper (without talk)
Dennis Reimer, Iana Podkosova, Daniel Scherzer, Hannes KaufmannORCID iD
Colocation for SLAM-Tracked VR Headsets with Hand Tracking
Computers, 10(5):1-17, April 2021.
Journal Paper (without talk)
Markus Schütz
Interactive Exploration of Point Clouds
Supervisor: Michael WimmerORCID iD
Manuel Eiweck
Immersive Exploration of Hierarchical Networks in VR
[thesis] [video & tool]
Bachelor Thesis
Lara Panfili, Michael WimmerORCID iD, Katharina KröslORCID iD
Myopia in Head-Worn Virtual Reality
In 2021 IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces Abstracts and Workshops (VRW), pages 629-630. March 2021.
Other Reviewed Publication
Gabriel Mistelbauer, Anca Morar, Rüdiger Schernthaner, Andreas Strassl, Dominik Fleischmann, Florica Moldoveanu, Eduard GröllerORCID iD
Semi-automatic vessel detection for challenging cases of peripheral arterial disease
Computers in Biology and Medicine , 133:1-14, March 2021. [Image] [Paper]
Journal Paper (without talk)
Sandra Schmidlehner
Standards-based Clinical Data Repository
[image] [Master Thesis] [Poster]
Master Thesis
Stefan OhrhallingerORCID iD, Jiju Peethambaran, Amal Dev Parakkat, Tamal K Dey, Ramanathan Muthuganapathy
2D Points Curve Reconstruction Survey and Benchmark
Computer Graphics Forum, 1:611-632, March 2021. [paper] [Website]
Journal Paper with Conference Talk
Dennis Depner
3D Scan Integration
[paper] [source]
Bachelor Thesis
Tobias Batik
Embedding User-Defined Shapes into Metro Map Layouts
Bachelor Thesis
Lisa-Maria Kellner
Klassifikation Urbaner Punktwolken Mittels 3D CNNs In Kombination mit Rekonstruktion von Gehsteigen
Master Thesis
Thomas Bernhard Koch
Visibility precomputation with RTX ray tracing
[poster] [thesis]
Master Thesis
Jan Kompatscher
Automatic Gradient-Preserving Stencilization of Raster Images
Bachelor Thesis
Hsiang-Yun WuORCID iD, Aleksandr Amirkhanov, Nicolas Grossmann, Tobias Klein, David Kouřil, Haichao Miao, Laura R. LuidoltORCID iD, Peter Mindek, Renata RaidouORCID iD, Ivan ViolaORCID iD, Manuela WaldnerORCID iD, Eduard GröllerORCID iD
Visualization working group at TU Wien: Visibile Facimus Quod Ceteri Non Possunt
Visual Informatics, 5:76-84, March 2021. [paper]
Journal Paper (without talk)
Sarkis Halladjian, David Kouřil, Haichao Miao, Eduard GröllerORCID iD, Ivan ViolaORCID iD, Tobias Isenberg
Multiscale Unfolding: Illustratively Visualizing the Whole Genome at a Glance
Journal Paper (without talk)
Emanuel Vonach, Christoph Schindler, Hannes KaufmannORCID iD
StARboard & TrACTOr: Actuated Tangibles in an Educational TAR Application
Multimodal Technologies and Interaction, 5(2):1-22, February 2021.
Journal Paper (without talk)
Markus Klein
A Framework For Real-Time Global Illumination Algorithms
Bachelor Thesis
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