Stefan Ohrhallinger, Jiju Peethambaran, Amal Dev Parakkat, Tamal K Dey, Ramanathan Muthuganapathy
2D Points Curve Reconstruction Survey and Benchmark
Computer Graphics Forum,1:1-1,March 2021. [paper] [Website]

Markus Sch├╝tz, Stefan Ohrhallinger, Michael Wimmer
Fast Out-of-Core Octree Generation for Massive Point Clouds
Computer Graphics Forum,39(7):1-13,November 2020. [paper]

Philipp Erler, Paul Guerrero, Stefan Ohrhallinger, Michael Wimmer, Niloy Mitra
Points2Surf: Learning Implicit Surfaces from Point Clouds
In Computer Vision -- ECCV 2020, pages108-124.October 2020.
[points2surf_paper] [short video]

Kurt Leimer, Andreas Winkler, Stefan Ohrhallinger, Przemyslaw Musialski
Pose to Seat: Automated design of body-supporting surfaces
Computer Aided Geometric Design,79:1-1,April 2020. [image] [Paper] [paper]

Stefan Ohrhallinger, Michael Wimmer
FitConnect: Connecting Noisy 2D Samples by Fitted Neighborhoods
Computer Graphics Forum,38(1):126-137,February 2019. [paper] [Replicability Source Code]

Stefan Ohrhallinger, Adam Celarek
X-Mas Card 2019
[image] [pdf]

Stefan Ohrhallinger, Michael Wimmer
StretchDenoise: Parametric Curve Reconstruction with Guarantees by Separating Connectivity from Residual Uncertainty of Samples
In Proceedings of Pacific Graphics 2018, pages1-4.August 2018.
[image] [paper] [Extended version] [source]

Mohamed Radwan, Stefan Ohrhallinger, Elmar Eisemann, Michael Wimmer
Cut and Paint: Occlusion-Aware Subset Selection for Surface Processing
In Proceedings of Graphics Interface 2017, pages82-89.May 2017.

Stefan Ohrhallinger, Scott A. Mitchell, Michael Wimmer
Curve Reconstruction with Many Fewer Samples
Computer Graphics Forum,35(5):167-176,2016. [paper] [slides] [Reproducibility Source Code]

Mohamed Radwan, Stefan Ohrhallinger, Michael Wimmer
Efficient Collision Detection While Rendering Dynamic Point Clouds
In Proceedings of the 2014 Graphics Interface Conference, pages25-33.May 2014.
[paper] [slides]

Stefan Ohrhallinger, Sudhir Mudur
An Efficient Algorithm for Determining an Aesthetic Shape Connecting Unorganised 2D Points
Computer Graphics Forum,32(8):72-88,December 2013. [paper] [slides-ODP] [slides-PDF] [source code]

Stefan Ohrhallinger, Sudhir Mudur, Michael Wimmer
Minimizing Edge Length to Connect Sparsely Sampled Unorganized Point Sets
Computers & Graphics (Proceedings of Shape Modeling International 2013),37(6):645-658,October 2013. [paper] [slides] [source and binaries]

Stefan Ohrhallinger
The Intrinsic Shape of Point Clouds
Supervisor:Sudhir Mudur
Duration:Sep 2006 - Jul 2012

Stefan Ohrhallinger, Sudhir Mudur
Minimising Longest Edge for Closed Surface Construction from Unorganised 3D Point Sets
Poster shown atEurographics 2012 (Best Poster Award) (13. May 2012-18. May 2012)In Poster Proceedings, pages25-26.
[paper] [poster]

Stefan Ohrhallinger, Sudhir Mudur
Interpolating an unorganized 2D point cloud with a single closed shape
Computer-Aided Design,43(1):1629-1638,January 2011. [paper]