Topics for Projects and Theses


For more information about diploma theses, projects, and bachelor theses please see the respective pages - this page just lists topics for these projects.

The best way to obtain a topic for a Computer Science Project, a Bachelor Thesis or a Diploma Thesis is to contact the supervisor of one of the topics listed below by email. For other topics, contact the heads of the main research directions best fitting your interest listed in the following.

The Computer Science Projects may also be completed in cooperation with a company. Such external projects have to conform to a number of guidelines.

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Main research directions

  • Visualization (contact: Eduard Gröller)
    Visualisierung im Allgemeinen, im Speziellen: Volumenvisualisierung, Informationsvisualisierung, Visual Analytics, Illustrative Visualisierung.
  • Rendering and Modeling (contact: Michael Wimmer)
    Real-Time Rendering, Urban Visualization, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Procedural Modeling, Point-Based Reconstruction, Modeling and Rendering, Perceptual Studies using Eye Tracking, ...
  • Other topics
    Topics not fitting in one of the two main research directions.
  • VRVis
    Außerdem gibt es auch die Möglichkeit, Praktika, Bachelorarbeiten und Diplomarbeiten am Forschungszentrum VRVis zu absolvieren.


PR = Praktikum, BA = Bachelorarbeit, DA = Diplomarbeit,
PR/BA/DA = Praktikum, Bachelorarbeit oder Diplomarbeit, der Arbeitsumfang wird entsprechend angepasst.

Visualization Group - Topics

Title Sort ascending Type Persons
X-Ray Path Tracing for CT Imaging BA, PR, DA 1-2
NEW Wearable anatomical physicalizations BA, PR, DA
VISUAPPS Web-based Medical Visualization DA 2
NEW Visualizing Mobility in the times of COVID BA, PR
NEW Visualizing Knowledge Graphs PR, DA 1
NEW Visualizing cancer treatment through time DA 1
Visual Interface to a Random Circuit Generator BA, PR, DA 1
NEW Visual Inspection of CNN Robustness through Exploratory Synthetic Scene Analysis PR, DA 1
NEW Visual comparison of dynamical systems DA
NEW Visual Analytics to Support Follow-up Studies in Cancer Radiotherapy DA 1
NEW Visual Analytics for Volume Rendering DA
NEW The Anatomical Edutainer 2: A Physicalization Project in the Domain of Medical Visualization DA 1
Style Transfering for Anatomy Education DA 1
Storytelling of COVID-19 using Cartogram Animation PR, DA 1
NEW Storytelling for anatomical education DA
Smart State-of-the-Art Research Interface DA 1
Smart graph layout using users' design experience DA 1
Scalable Comparative Visualization through Skeletonizations DA 1
NEW Provenance and inter-observer variability DA
NEW Predictive visual analytics for prostate cancer therapy DA 1
NEW Paid User Study Assistance PR 1-3
NEW Origami Diagram Viewer PR, DA 1
Interactive Visual Exploration of Diachronic Word Embeddings DA 1
Interactive Analysis of Virtual Jaw Movement Trajectories PR, DA 1
Infographic Design for Biological Networks BA, PR, DA 1
NEW How does a Scientific Community evolve? BA, PR
Exploring the Design Space of Complex Network Visualization & Interaction in VR BA, PR, DA 1
NEW Datacomics - a new data storytelling strategy PR, DA 1-2
NEW Data Lamp - Projecting data in your room BA, PR, DA 1-2
NEW Augmented medical physicalizations BA, PR, DA

Abgeschlossene Praktika und Diplomarbeiten