Master Thesis




As part of our interactive lighting design tool HILITE, we at VRVis are continuously developing new rendering and
simulation techniques to improve the planning workflow. Recent advances in real-time raytracing,
denoising and neural rendering show interesting opportunities that we want to explore in the scope of a
master’s thesis.

We have multiple ideas, such as a global illumination algorithm, denoising improvements, luminaire near-
field rendering, but are also open to own suggestions as long as there is a connection to the application of
lighting design.


  • Familiarize yourself with the relevant state of the art
  • Develop a novel technique/algorithm and evaluate its improvements compared to a reference
  • Implement a demo application using the Aardvark platform (open source)


  • Strong interest in the topic of choice
  • Solid programming skills
  • Motivation to learn new technologies (F#, Aardvark, FShade)
  • Enthusiasm for open source development and scientific practices


The project should be implemented in the Aardvark framework, which is an advanced open source rendering framework for lighting design tasks.

The work will be carried out at VRVis, Austria’s largest research institute for Visual Computing, under scientific supervision by the Rendering Group at TU Wien. You will join our R&D-team of highly motivated researchers and software engineers who enjoy finding innovative solutions in a constructive and friendly atmosphere.

We offer supervision and guidance as well as remuneration upon successful thesis completion.

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For more information please contact Michael Wimmer, Christian Luksch 📧 (VRVis).