Student Project
Master Thesis




Siemens Healthineers is offering two distinct cutting-edge topics for Master Thesis or Projects which involve: 1) leveraging GPU acceleration for real-time scan conversion, and 2) employing advanced volume rendering techniques in Unreal Engine for immersive cinematic scenes. 

If you are interested in any of these topics, please contact Renata Raidou ( and/or Eduard Gröller ( who will bring you in contact with the responsible supervisors at Siemens Healthineers (Andrej Varchola and Alexey Karimov). Please indicate which topic interests you in your email. 

Topics and Tasks

Topic 1: Real-Time Scan Conversion

In this project, you will utilize GPU acceleration to swiftly process raw ultrasound data, adhering to an API designed for seamless inter-vendor exchange of 3D ultrasound data, ensuring efficient and accurate imaging in real-time medical applications. Your tasks will include: 

•    Convert “raw” ultrasound data using GPU
•    Use API that was defined for inter-vendor exchange of 3D US data

Topic 2: Advanced Volume Rendering in Unreal Engine

Utilizing advanced volume rendering techniques within Unreal Engine, in this project you will create immersive real-time cinematic scenes enriched with intricate effects, while dynamically optimizing scene lighting to elevate the overall rendering quality and visual impact. Your tasks will include:

•    Create a real-time cinematic scene in UE utilizing advanced effects
•    Adjust scene lighting to enhance the rendering

Requirements and Environment

To be discussed with the supervisors. 


For more information please contact Renata Raidou, Eduard Gröller, Andrej Varchola (Siemens Healthineers), Alexey Karimov (Siemens Healthineers).