Bachelor Thesis
Student Project
Master Thesis


1-3 people


Data Physicalization deals with bringing data into the physical world. Physical objects can stimulate the perception of an observer in different ways than traditional visualizations. Additionally, we can make use of metaphors to make an audience think or feel more intense about things. Many examples of data physicalization create static, single-use objects, the time has come to go beyond that. 



Digital fabrication methods allow us to produce physical objects on demand, but with this process, additional challenges ensue. If we create complex objects they need to be aligned, and overhangs need to be dealt with in creative ways. How can we use a medium like 3D printing to create interactive, reusable data representations in a feasible way?

Not everyone has access to 3D printing, but physical data representations have existed since the beginning of mankind itself! Can we find fabrication methods that are feasible and accessible to a broad audience? What data are they suited for?

Automation is a chance for physicalization to come to life! Arduino, Raspberry Pi and many more systems offer cheap and feasible ways to create small interactive devices. What kinds of sensors and motors can find applications to engage people with data representations?


  • Knowledge of the English language (source code comments and final report should be in English)
  • Knowledge of 3D printing and related technologies
  • Knowledge of SOC device programming
  • Programming skills if applicable
  • Curiosity and Creativity



For more information please contact Daniel Pahr.