Student Project



Help us with our Real Time Inverse Rendering Framework (~ more than 35000 lines of code).
There are many exciting things you can help us with

  • scene loading/management using the glTF format (other scene formats are also an option)
  • resource management
  • (real-time/offline) physically based rendering
  • differentiable rendering
  • testing of cpu/gpu code
  • ... and way too many other things


  • Not scared of large codebases
  • Interest in real time rendering, ray tracing, optimization and/or machine learning
  • Knowledge of C++, Python, GLSL, HLSL and Vulkan
  • Being familiar with CMake and Git
  • Not everything listed here is simultaneously required but keep in mind, the less you know, the more you learn.


The framework is written in C++/python and uses the vulkan API for rendering. GLSL and HLSL are the used shading languages. All of this is running on windows/linux/macOS. MacOS has some limitations though. :(


For more information please contact Lukas Lipp, David Hahn.