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5 Publications found:
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David Kouřil
Challenges and advances in multi-scale biology data visualization, 16. November 2017, Czech Technical University
Invited Talk
David Kouřil, Mathieu Le Muzic, Barbora Kozlikova, Ivan Viola
Maya2cellVIEW: Integrated Tool for Creating Large and Complex Molecular Scenes
Poster shown at Spring Conference on Computer Graphics 2017 (May 2017)
Peter Mindek, Johannes Sorger, David Kouřil, Tobias Klein, Graham Johnson, Ivan Viola
The Birth of a Virtual Cell
submitted to the Pacific Vis 2017 Storytelling Contest
Miscellaneous Publication
David Kouřil
Maya2CellVIEW: 3D Package Integrated Tool for Creating Large and Complex Molecular Scenes
Master Thesis
Peter Mindek, David Kouřil, Johannes Sorger, David Toloudis, Blair Lyons, Graham Johnson, Meister Eduard Gröller, Ivan Viola
Visualization Multi-Pipeline for Communicating Biology
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 24(1), 2017. [Paper] [Preview Movie] [Slides]
Journal Paper with Conference Talk
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