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Research Work


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Katharina Krösl, Carmine Elvezio, Matthias Hürbe, Sonja Karst, Michael Wimmer, Steven Feiner
ICthroughVR: Illuminating Cataracts through Virtual Reality
In To appear in 2019 IEEE Virtual Reality (VR). March 2019.
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Conference Paper
Markus Schütz, Katharina Krösl, Michael Wimmer
Real-Time Continuous Level of Detail Rendering of Point Clouds
In To appear in IEEE VR 2019, the 26th IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces. March 2019.
Conference Paper
Katharina Krösl
[DC] Computational Design of Smart Lighting Systems for Visually Impaired People, using VR and AR Simulations
In Proceedings of the 2018 IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR-Adjunct). October 2018.
Conference Paper
Katharina Krösl, Anna Felnhofer, Johanna X. Kafka, Laura Schuster, Alexandra Rinnerthaler, Michael Wimmer, Oswald D. Kothgassner
The Virtual Schoolyard: Attention Training in Virtual Reality for Children with Attentional Disorders
Poster shown at ACM SIGGRAPH 2018 (12. August 2018-16. August 2018)
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Katharina Krösl, Dominik Bauer, Michael Schwärzler, Henry Fuchs, Michael Wimmer, Georg Suter
A VR-based user study on the effects of vision impairments on recognition distances of escape-route signs in buildings
The Visual Computer, 34(6-8):911-923, April 2018. [Paper]
Journal Paper with Conference Talk
Andreas Walch, Katharina Krösl, Christian Luksch, David Pichler, Thomas Pipp, Michael Schwärzler
An Automated Verification Workflow for Planned Lighting Setups using BIM
In REAL CORP 2018, Proceedings, pages 55-65. April 2018.
Conference Paper
Katharina Krösl, Markus Schütz
X-Mas Card 2017
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X-Mas Card
Katharina Krösl, Christian Luksch, Michael Schwärzler, Michael Wimmer
LiteMaker: Interactive Luminaire Development using Progressive Photon Tracing and Multi-Resolution Upsampling
In Vision, Modeling & Visualization, pages 1-8. September 2017.
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Conference Paper
Katharina Krösl
Interactive, Progressive Photon Tracing using a Multi-Resolution Image-Filtering Approach
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Master Thesis
Katharina Krösl
Computational Design of Smart Lighting Systems for Visually Impaired People, using VR and AR Simulations
Supervisor: Michael Wimmer
Duration: 2016-04 - 2019-04
Ongoing PhD-Thesis
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