For her dissertation, Katharina won the Young Experts Award at the Austrian Computer Science Day 2021.

On June 18, 2021, the Austrian Computer Science community came together at the Austrian Computer Science Day at the Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt to exchange information about the latest developments and projects. In the program track “Young Experts”, the best dissertations and projects of the past year were presented.

Katharina Krösl, member of the Multiple Senses group at VRVis convinced the jury with her presentation “Simulating Vision Impairments in Virtual and Augmented Reality” and was awarded for her dissertation as Young Expert of the Austrian Computer Science Day.

In her research project XREye, VR/AR expert Katharina Krösl dealt with how visual impairments and eye diseases can be made tangible through virtual reality.

XREye combines modern VR platforms, eye-tracking technology and innovative vision simulation techniques based on interdisciplinary research for a realistic simulation of visual impairments in virtual and augmented reality. In cooperation with ophthalmologists, realistic simulations of visual impairments and eye diseases are developed to make public places and their lighting and guidance systems more inclusive. Katharina’s VR/AR solutions are used in medicine, architecture and lighting design.

Learn more about Katharina’s work in this video.