Markus Schütz, Stefan Ohrhallinger, Michael Wimmer
Fast Out-of-Core Octree Generation for Massive Point Clouds
Computer Graphics Forum, 39(7):1-13, November 2020. [paper]

Johannes Otepka, Gottfried Mandlburger, Markus Schütz, Norbert Pfeifer, Michael Wimmer
Efficient Loading and Visualization of Massive Feature-Richt Point Clouds Without Hierarchical Acceleration Structures
ISPRS - International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences, XLIII-B2-2020:293-300, August 2020. [paper]

Markus Schütz, Gottfried Mandlburger, Johannes Otepka, Michael Wimmer
Progressive Real-Time Rendering of One Billion Points Without Hierarchical Acceleration Structures
Computer Graphics Forum, 39(2):51-64, May 2020. [paper]

Markus Schütz, Michael Wimmer
Rendering Point Clouds with Compute Shaders
Poster shown at SIGGRAPH Asia (November 2019)

Markus Schütz, Michael Wimmer
Live Coding of a VR Render Engine in VR
Poster shown at IEEE VR 2019 (March 2019)

Markus Schütz, Katharina Krösl, Michael Wimmer
Real-Time Continuous Level of Detail Rendering of Point Clouds
In 2019 IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces, pages 103-110. March 2019.

Markus Schütz, Michael Wimmer
Progressive Real-Time Rendering of Unprocessed Point Clouds
Poster shown at ACM SIGGRAPH 2018 (12. August 2018-16. August 2018)
[abstract] [poster]

Katharina Krösl, Markus Schütz
X-Mas Card 2017
[X Mas card] [X max 2017]

Markus Schütz
Potree: Rendering Large Point Clouds in Web Browsers
[poster] [thesis]

Markus Schütz, Michael Wimmer
High-Quality Point Based Rendering Using Fast Single Pass Interpolation
In Proceedings of Digital Heritage 2015 Short Papers, pages 369-372. September 2015.

Markus Schütz
Real-time Consistent Meshing