Visual Information Foraging on the Desktop

Duration: Dec 2015 - Dec 2018
Project leader: Manuela Waldner
FWF T 752-N30

General Information

Knowledge workers invest a considerable amount of time on adaptively and iteratively seeking, gathering, and consuming information from various sources, such as web pages, email messages, presentations, and their dedicated software tools. Currently, there is little visual support for these information foraging processes and subsequent sensemaking of the casually collected information.

The goal of this project is to design and develop novel interactive visualization techniques to support knowledge workers in making sense of their unstructured, dynamic information collections.

The project will employ a user-centered design approach to clearly understand current deficiencies and knowledge workers’ needs across multiple disciplines, as well as to guide the iterative development of a prototype implementation. The main contribution will be a novel visual information foraging environment utilizing visual analysis techniques to guide the user through an unstructured collection of information snippets obtained from arbitrary sources. As secondary contribution, field and lab studies will lead to in-depth understanding of knowledge workers’ information collection and organization strategies on modern desktops.

Findings from this project can help to shape the future of personal desktops to better support the collection and organization of information snippets, as well as the subsequent analysis of the collected information, compared to existing tools.


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Thomas Geymayer, Manuela Waldner, Alexander Lex, Dieter Schmalstieg
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Conference Paper
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Conference Paper
Michael Mazurek
Visualization of Thesaurus-Based Web Search
Student Project
Rebeka Koszticsak
Generating Expressive Window Thumbnails through Seam Carving
Bachelor Thesis
Michael Mazurek
Stream I/O - An Interactive Visualization of Publication Data
Bachelor Thesis
Johanna Donabauer
Advanced Screen Capturing
Bachelor Thesis
Sebastian Sippl
Visual Information Foraging on the Desktop
Supervisor: Manuela Waldner
Duration: 2016-05 - 2019
Ongoing PhD-Thesis
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