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Stefan Stappen, Johannes Unterguggenberger, Bernhard Kerbl, Michael Wimmer
Temporally Stable Content-Adaptive and Spatio-Temporal Shading Rate Assignment for Real-Time Applications
In Pacific Graphics Short Papers, Posters, and Work-in-Progress Papers, pages 65-66. October 2021.
Conference Paper
Chao Jia, Moritz Roth, Bernhard Kerbl, Michael Wimmer
View-Dependent Impostors for Architectural Shape Grammars
In Pacific Graphics Short Papers, Posters, and Work-in-Progress Papers, pages 63-64. October 2021.
Conference Paper
Stefan Sietzen, Mathias Lechner, Judy Borowski, Ramin Hasani, Manuela Waldner
Interactive Analysis of CNN Robustness
Computer Graphics Forum, 40, October 2021. [paper] [video] [online tool]
Journal Paper with Conference Talk
Johannes Sorger, Alessio Arleo, Peter Kán, Wolfgang Knecht, Manuela Waldner
Egocentric Network Exploration for Immersive Analytics
Computer Graphics Forum, 40, October 2021. [the paper] [video] [online egocentric network]
Journal Paper with Conference Talk
Nicolas Grossmann, Jürgen Bernard, Michael Sedlmair, Manuela Waldner
Does the Layout Really Matter? A Study on Visual Model Accuracy Estimation
In IEEE VIS. October 2021.
Conference Paper
Johannes Unterguggenberger, Bernhard Kerbl, Jakob Pernsteiner, Michael Wimmer
Conservative Meshlet Bounds for Robust Culling of Skinned Meshes
Computer Graphics Forum, 40:57-69, October 2021.
Journal Paper with Conference Talk
Lukas Herzberger
Adding CMake and Linux support for a modern Vulkan programming framework
Student Project
Samo Kolter
Creating an Interactive Web App for Computer Graphics Topics
[Bachelor thesis]
Bachelor Thesis
Alexius Rait
Fast Radial Search for Progressive Photon Mapping
Bachelor Thesis
Daniel Pahr, Hsiang-Yun Wu, Renata Raidou
Vologram: An Educational Holographic Sculpture for Volumetric Medical Data Physicalization
In Eurographics Workshop on Visual Computing for Biology and Medicine, pages 19-23. September 2021.
Conference Paper
Mohamed Radwan, Stefan Ohrhallinger, Michael Wimmer
Fast occlusion-based point cloud exploration
The Visual Computer Journal, 37:2769-2781, September 2021.
Journal Paper with Conference Talk
Diana Marin
Supervisor: Stefan Ohrhallinger
Duration: 3 years
Ongoing PhD-Thesis
Henry Ehlers
Ongoing PhD-Thesis
Lukas Eibensteiner, Martin Ilčík, Michael Wimmer
Temporal-Scope Grammars for Polyphonic Music Generation
In Proceedings of the 9th ACM SIGPLAN International Workshop on Functional Art, Music, Modelling, and Design (FARM ’21). August 2021.
[preprint] [demo]
Conference Paper
Bernhard Kerbl
Providing Highly Detailed Geometry for Cloud and Edge Real-Time Rendering, 7. July 2021, online
Invited Talk
Markus Schütz, Bernhard Kerbl, Michael Wimmer
Rendering Point Clouds with Compute Shaders and Vertex Order Optimization
Computer Graphics Forum, 40:115-126, July 2021.
Journal Paper with Conference Talk
Daniel Pahr
Supervisor: Renata Raidou
Duration: 2021-07 - 2025
Ongoing PhD-Thesis
Moritz Roth
View-Dependent Surrogate Terminals for Procedural Geometry Generation
Bachelor Thesis
Stephen Agyemang
Product Path Guiding Using BSDF Proxies
Bachelor Thesis
Troidl Jakob
Spatial Neighborhood Analysis and Comparison for Nanoscale Brain Structures
[image] [Master Thesis] [Poster] [Video]
Master Thesis
Philip Klaus
In-core level-of-detail generation for point clouds on GPUs using CUDA
Master Thesis
Jakob Pernsteiner
Improvements and Additional Features for an Ongoing Mesh Shader Research Project
Student Project
Meister Eduard Gröller
How to do a Successful PhD (in Visual Computing), 20. May 2021, First Bio+Med+Vis Spring School, Online
[Image] [Presentation] [Video]
Dominik Scholz
A Modular Domain-Specific Language for Interactive 3D Visualization
[image] [Master Thesis] [Poster]
Master Thesis
Sebastian Mazza
Homomorphic-Encrypted Volume Rendering
[Image] [Master Thesis]
Master Thesis
Michael Kenzel, Bernhard Kerbl, Martin Winter, Markus Steinberger
CUDA and Applications to Task-based Programming
In Eurographics 2021 - Tutorials. May 2021.
Other Reviewed Publication
Jasmin Mahler
A Study of Multi-Document Active Reading in Analog and Digital Environments
[poster] [thesis]
Master Thesis
Hiroyuki Sakai, Károly Zsolnai-Fehér, Thomas Auzinger, Michael Wimmer
Exploiting A Priori Information for Filtering Monte Carlo Renderings
TR-193-02-2021-1, May 2021 [tech-report]
Technical Report
Thomas Koch, Michael Wimmer
Guided Visibility Sampling++
Proceedings of the ACM on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, April 2021. [author version]
Journal Paper with Conference Talk
Thomas Köppel, Meister Eduard Gröller, Hsiang-Yun Wu
Context-Responsive Labeling in Augmented Reality
In Proceedings of the 14th IEEE Pacific Visualization Symposium , pages 1-10. April 2021.
[paper] [video]
Conference Paper
Thorsten Korpitsch
LSOVOMAN - Large-Scale Online Visualization of Austria's Media- Advertisement Networks
Student Project
David Kouřil
Interactive Visualization of Dense and Multi-Scale Data for Science Outreach
Supervisor: Ivan Viola
Duration: March 2017 - April 2021
[teaser] [thesis]
Sebastian Pirch, Felix Müller, Eugenia Iofinova, Julia Pazmandi, Christiane Hütter, Martin Chiettini, Celine Sin, Kaan Boztug, Iana Podkosova, Hannes Kaufmann, Jörg Menche
The VRNetzer platform enables interactive network analysis in Virtual Reality
Nature Communications, 12(2432):1-14, April 2021.
Journal Paper (without talk)
Katarína Furmanová, Ludvig Paul Muren, Oscar Casares-Magaz, Vitali Moiseenko, John P. Einck, Sara Pilskog, Renata Raidou
PREVIS: Predictive visual analytics of anatomical variability for radiotherapy decision support
Computers and Graphics, 97:126-138, April 2021. [paper]
Journal Paper (without talk)
Dennis Reimer, Iana Podkosova, Daniel Scherzer, Hannes Kaufmann
Colocation for SLAM-Tracked VR Headsets with Hand Tracking
Computers, 10(5):1-17, April 2021.
Journal Paper (without talk)
Markus Schütz
Interactive Exploration of Point Clouds
Supervisor: Michael Wimmer
Duration: 5
Manuel Eiweck
Immersive Exploration of Hierarchical Networks in VR
[thesis] [video & tool]
Bachelor Thesis
Sandra Schmidlehner
Standards-based Clinical Data Repository
[image] [Master Thesis] [Poster]
Master Thesis
Stefan Ohrhallinger, Jiju Peethambaran, Amal Dev Parakkat, Tamal K Dey, Ramanathan Muthuganapathy
2D Points Curve Reconstruction Survey and Benchmark
Computer Graphics Forum, 1:1-1, March 2021. [paper] [Website]
Journal Paper with Conference Talk
Dennis Depner
3D Scan Integration
[paper] [source]
Ongoing Bachelor Thesis
Tobias Batik
Embedding User-Defined Shapes into Metro Map Layouts
Bachelor Thesis
Lisa-Maria Kellner
Klassifikation Urbaner Punktwolken Mittels 3D CNNs In Kombination mit Rekonstruktion von Gehsteigen
Master Thesis
Thomas Bernhard Koch
Guided Visibility Sampling with RTX
[poster] [thesis]
Master Thesis
Jan Kompatscher
Automatic Gradient-Preserving Stencilization of Raster Images
Bachelor Thesis
Hsiang-Yun Wu, Aleksandr Amirkhanov, Nicolas Grossmann, Tobias Klein, David Kouřil, Haichao Miao, Laura R. Luidolt, Peter Mindek, Renata Raidou, Ivan Viola, Manuela Waldner, Meister Eduard Gröller
Visualization working group at TU Wien: Visibile Facimus Quod Ceteri Non Possunt
Visual Informatics, 5:76-84, March 2021. [paper]
Journal Paper (without talk)
Markus Klein
A Framework For Real-Time Global Illumination Algorithms
Bachelor Thesis
Manuela Waldner, Thomas Geymayer, Dieter Schmalstieg, Michael Sedlmair
Linking unstructured evidence to structured observations
Information Visualization, January 2021. [preprint]
Journal Paper (without talk)
Wolfgang Rumpler
Vulkan and OpenGL Interoperability
Student Project
Oskar Perl
Distributed Multi-User VR With Full-Body Avatars
Bachelor Thesis
Joao Afonso Cardoso, Nuno Goncalves, Michael Wimmer
Cost Volume Refinement for Depth Prediction
In Proceedings of the 25th International Conference on Pattern Recognition, pages 354-361. January 2021.
Conference Paper
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