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A humanoid figure modeled and posed using a shape grammar. Stefan Fiedler
Procedural Human Posing Using CGA Grammars
[image] [report]
Student Project
Example for a city modelled with our shape grammar. Pushpak Karnik, Stefan Jeschke, David Cline, Anshuman Razdan, E. Wentz, Peter WonkaORCID iD
A Shape Grammar for Developing Glyph-based Visualizations
Computer Graphics Forum, 28(8):2176-2188, 2009. [paper]
Journal Paper (without talk)
Wolf Reitsamer
Texture Synthesis for Urban Data
[image] [thesis]
Master Thesis
Markus Lipp, Peter WonkaORCID iD, Michael WimmerORCID iD
Interactive Visual Editing of Grammars for Procedural Architecture
ACM Transactions on Graphics, 27(3):102:1-10, August 2008. [paper]
Journal Paper with Conference Talk
Astrolabe Front Georg Zotti
Tangible Heritage: Production of Astrolabes on a Laser Engraver
In EG2007 Cultural Heritage Papers, pages 41-48 (colorplate:p60). September 2007.
Conference Paper
Markus Lipp
Interactive Computer Generated Architecture
Master Thesis
Georg Zotti, Alexander Wilkie, Werner PurgathoferORCID iD
Using Virtual Reconstructions in a Planetarium for Demonstrations in Archaeo-Astronomy
In Third Central European Multimedia and Virtual Reality Conference (Proc. CEMVRC2006), pages 43-51. November 2006.
Conference Paper
Peter WonkaORCID iD, Michael WimmerORCID iD, François Sillion, William Ribarsky
Instant Architecture
ACM Transaction on Graphics, 22(3):669-677, July 2003. [Paper]
Journal Paper with Conference Talk
Georg Zotti, Christoph TraxlerORCID iD
A Multi-Purpose Virtual Reality Model of the Solar System (VRMoSS)
TR-186-2-03-01, February 2003 [paper]
Technical Report
Georg Zotti, Christoph TraxlerORCID iD
The ASH Virtual Reality Model of the Solar System (VRMoSS)
In Proc. of the Third IASTED Int. Conf. on Visualization, Imaging, and Image Processing, pages 964-969. 2003.
Conference Paper
Stefan Maierhofer
Rule-Based Mesh Growing and Generalized Subdivision Meshes
Supervisor: Werner PurgathoferORCID iD
Duration: — January 2002
Robert F. Tobler, Stefan Maierhofer, Alexander Wilkie
A Multiresolution Mesh Generation Approach for Procedural Definition of Complex Geometry
In Shape Modeling International 2002, pages 35-42. 2002.
Conference Paper
Robert F. Tobler, Stefan Maierhofer, Alexander Wilkie
Mesh-Based Parametrized L-Systems and Generalized Subdivision for Generating Complex Geometry
International Journal of Shape Modeling, 8(2):173-191, 2002.
Journal Paper (without talk)
Gerald Hummel
Modellierung von Straßen für Echtzeitvisualisierung
Master Thesis
Christoph TraxlerORCID iD, Michael Gervautz
Using Genetic Algorithms to Improve the Visual Quality of Fractal Plants Generated with CSG-PL-Systems
TR-186-2-96-04, January 1996 [paper]
Technical Report
Eduard GröllerORCID iD, R. T. Rau, Wolfgang Straßer
Simulation und Darstellung computergenerierter Strickware
TR-186-2-95-15, November 1995 [paper]
Technical Report
Eduard GröllerORCID iD, R. T. Rau, Wolfgang Straßer
Modeling and Visualization of Knitwear
IEEE Transaction on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 1(4), 1995.
Journal Paper (without talk)
Michael Gervautz
The Use of BSP-Trees for Solid Modelling
In Proceedings of International Conference on Computer Graphics ICCG'93, pages 75-95. June 1993.
Conference Paper
Michael Zeiller
Collision detection for objects modelled by CSG
In Visualization and Intelligent Design in Engineering and Architecture, April 1993
Article in a Book
Peter Ferschin, Michael Gervautz
Konstruktive Hilfsmittel für den CAD- Einsatz bei Architekten
In CAAD-Forum. October 1992.
Conference Paper
Gerhard Hieß
Combining CAD-Systems EUCLID-IS with Rendering System RISS
In Proceedings of 8th spring school on computer graphics. May 1992.
Conference Paper
Eduard GröllerORCID iD
Fractals and Solid Modeling
In Proceedings of Eurographics'92. 1992.
Conference Paper
J Griessmair, Werner PurgathoferORCID iD
Deformation of Solids with Trivariate B-Splines
In Proceedings fo Eurographics. September 1989.
Conference Paper
Michael Gervautz
SOL An Object Description Language for Solid Modelling
In Conference Proceedings of International Conference on CAD & CG. 1989.
Conference Paper
Martina Rasch
Image-Space Solvent-Excluded Surface Visualization
Ongoing Master Thesis
Martin Rumpelnik
Planetary Rendering with Novel GPU Features
Bachelor Thesis
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