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Eduard GröllerORCID iD, László Szirmay-Kalos
Computer Graphics Forum
Guest editors of this EG 2006 proceeding (Herausgabe einer Buchreihe)
Miscellaneous Publication
Eduard GröllerORCID iD
Computer-supported Illustrative Visualization, 2006, Bonn, Germany
Invited Talk
Eduard GröllerORCID iD, Alex Pang, C Silva, John Stasko, Jarke van Wijk
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics
Herausgabe eines Tagungsbandes
Miscellaneous Publication
Collada import Philipp Hartl
Student Project
Vlastimil Havran, Jirí BittnerORCID iD
Efficient Sorting and Searching in Rendering Algorithms, 2006,
Invited Talk
Christoph Heinzl, Roman Klingesberger, Johann Kastner, Eduard GröllerORCID iD
Robust Surface Detection for Variance Comparison and Dimensional Measurement
In Proceedings of Eurographics / IEEE VGTC Symposium on Visualization, pages 75-82. 2006.
Conference Paper
Bernhard Holzer
High Dynamic Range Image Formats
Student Project
Stefan Marek
Flowfield-driven Volume Deformation
Student Project
Nuno Daniel Raposo Subtil
Implementation of Dispersion Rendering Capabilities in the Advanced Rendering Toolkit
Master Thesis
Matej Mlejnek
Medical Visualization for Orthopedic Applications
Supervisor: Eduard GröllerORCID iD
Duration: 2003 — 2006
Stephan Pajer
Modern Texture Mapping in Computer Graphics
Student Project
Werner PurgathoferORCID iD, Michael WimmerORCID iD, Alexander Wilkie
Grafische Datenverarbeitung
In Informatik Handbuch (4th Edition), pages 857-904, 2006
Article in a Book
Werner PurgathoferORCID iD
Some Rendering Research Results, 2006,
Invited Talk
Peter Rautek
Vis T-Shirt 2006
Unknown Publication
Caricaturistic Vessel Visualization Peter Rautek
Caricaturistic Visualization, 19. July 2006-21. July 2006, Rügen, Germany
Invited Talk
Computed tomography angiography of the human head visualized by the use of a semantic transfer function model. Christof Rezk-Salama, Maik Keller, Peter Kohlmann
High-Level User Interfaces for Transfer Function Design with Semantics
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 12(5):1021-1028, 2006. [paper]
Journal Paper with Conference Talk
Florian Rudolf
Interactive Displacement Mapping using GPU ray casting
Student Project
Stephansdom from inside Claus Scheiblauer
Hardware-Accelerated Rendering of Unprocessed Point Clouds
Master Thesis
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