Martin Ilčík

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  • phone: +43 1 58801-18685
  • fax: +43 1 58801-18698
  • office hours: by appointment


Research Work


20 Years of the Central European Seminar on Computer Graphics
In Eurographics 2016 Education Papers. May 2016.

Layer-Based Procedural Design of Façades
In Computer Graphics Forum 34(2), Proceedings of Eurographics 2015, pages 205-216. May 2015.

Challenges and Ideas in Procedural Modeling of Interiors
In Proceedings of Eurographics Workshop on Urban Data Modelling and Visualisation (UDMV 2013), pages 29-30. May 2013.

Procedural Skeletons: Kinematic Extensions to CGA-Shape Grammars
In Proceedings of the Spring Conference on Computer Graphics 2010, pages 177-184. May 2010.

Research videos

Layer-Based Procedural Design of Façades - Concept from Martin Ilcik on Vimeo.

Topics for Students

Do not hesitate to contct me, if you are interested in a practicum or thesis on the following topics: Own topic proposals are also welcome!