This is a joint project with the civil engineering faculty and several companies. Its aim is the development of an Integrated Framework “Housing 4.0”; a digital platform supporting integrated planning and project delivery through coupling various digital tools and databases, like Building Information Modeling (BIM) for Design to Production  and Parametric Habitat Designer.

Our goal is to exploit the potential of BIM for modular, off-site housing assembly in order to improve planning and construction processes, reduce cost and construction time and allow for mass customization will be explored.

The novel approach in this project is user-involvement; which has been neglected in recent national and international projects on off-site, modular construction supported by digital technologies. A parametric design tool should allow different stakeholders to explore both high-level and low-level options and their impact on the construction project so that mutually optimal solutions can be found easier.


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  • In this area, we focus on researching methods and algorithms that facilitate creation, representation, analysis and processing of 3D models.


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