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Joao Afonso CardosoORCID iD, Bernhard KerblORCID iD, Lei Yang, Yury Uralsky, Michael WimmerORCID iD
Training and Predicting Visual Error for Real-Time Applications
Proceedings of the ACM on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, 5(1):1-17, May 2022. [paper] [Paper Website]
Journal Paper with Conference Talk
Adam Celarek, Pedro Hermosilla-CasajusORCID iD, Bernhard KerblORCID iD, Timo Ropinski, Michael WimmerORCID iD
Gaussian Mixture Convolution Networks
In The Tenth International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR 2022), pages 1-23. April 2022.
[paper] [Code on github]
Conference Paper
Simon Maximilian Fraiss
Construction and Visualization of Gaussian Mixture Models from Point Clouds for 3D Object Representation
[Master thesis] [poster]
Master Thesis
Joao Afonso CardosoORCID iD, Nuno Goncalves, Michael WimmerORCID iD
Cost Volume Refinement for Depth Prediction
In Proceedings of the 25th International Conference on Pattern Recognition, pages 354-361. January 2021.
Conference Paper
Dominik Hanko
Higher Hand-Drawn Detail Quality using Convolutional Assistant
Bachelor Thesis
Manuel Wieser
Classification of Production Ready 2D Animation using Contour and Distance Fields
Bachelor Thesis
Error spectrum ensemble Adam Celarek, Wenzel Jakob, Michael WimmerORCID iD, Jaakko Lehtinen
Quantifying the Error of Light Transport Algorithms
Computer Graphics Forum, 38(4):111-121, July 2019. [paper_preprint] [Git repository]
Journal Paper with Conference Talk
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