Am Institut für Visual Computing and Human-Centered Technology, im Forschungsbereich Computer Graphics ist eine Stelle als Universitätsassistent_in (Prae-Doc), voraussichtlich ab August 2021 (30 Wochenstunden, befristet bis 01.08.2025) mit folgendem Aufgabengebiet zu besetzen.

Ihre Aufgaben:

  • Mitarbeit an Forschungs- und Lehraufgaben sowie Prüfungen
  • Betreuung von Studierenden
  • Forschungs- und Projekttätigkeit
  • Vertiefen der wissenschaftlichen Kenntnisse
  • Verfassen einer Di

Within the EuroVis 2021 conference, which took place virtually from June 14 to 18, the three most outstanding dissertations on the topic of visualization were honored with the EuroVis PhD Award.

For her dissertation, Katharina won the Young Experts Award at the Austrian Computer Science Day 2021.

From October 2021, the Master Visual Computing will be held completely in English! Please see here for details on the curriculum:


We invite applications for a 4-year Ph.D. position, offering applicants an exciting opportunity to investigate novel Visualization and Visual Analytics strategies, to support clinical research on pediatric brain cancer therapy.


Thank you for attending the EUROGRAPHICS 2021 Conference and Thank you all for the many great presentations!

And here you can find the highlights of the conference week

Online event, May 17 - 21, 2021

Motivation and Concept 

Nanographics, a spin-off of our reseach unit Computer Graphics, supports the creation and visualization of structural models of the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. This helps the scientific research and the public education about the disease.

here are a few press clippings:

Computer Graphics Forum (CGF) is the leading journal for in-depth technical articles on computer graphics. The rapid publication of articles allows readers to keep up to date with new debates and topics of research. The journal features a lively mix of original research, computer graphics applications, conference reports, state-of-the-art surveys, and workshops.

The PIXELvienna is the Austrian Computer Graphics and Animation Conference.

On Saturday, 21st November 2020, 2.00 pm Peter Mindek (Nanographics GmbH/ Researcher at TU Vienna Computergraphics) will present his talk on "How to illustrate a virus"