Posted 2020-01-17 by Stefan Ohrhallinger

We are hiring a PhD for a 40h/week position (please click on PDF for all details) Read more about PhD position in Geometry Processing

Posted 2019-12-05 by Max Höfferer

TU Wien won grant to advance design tools for building planning through multi- and interdisciplinary basic research.

In the field of computer technology, many things are changing: virtual reality makes three-dimensional computer worlds tangible, robots are getting into everyday working life, modern algorithms are calculating realistic surfaces, and light and shadow effects in real time. However, many of these research findings have not yet taken hold in architecture and the construction process. That should change now. Read more about New Special Research Area Funded by FWF

Posted 2019-10-30 by Max Höfferer

The 2019 Visualization Technical Achievement Award goes to Eduard Gröller.

The IEEE VGTC Technical Awards program recognizes individuals who have made a significant contribution to the community through their research. In recognition of his seminal work in volume data visualization and biomedical data visualization. His work has achieved a new level of visualization usability in terms of expressiveness and clarity.

More information Read more about Eduard Gröller erhielt den IEEE VGTC Technical Achievement Award und wurde in die IEEE Visualization Academy aufgenommen

Posted 2019-10-28 by Max Höfferer

Beim PC und künftigen Playstation- und Xbox-Modellen soll die Technologie für spielerische Augenweide sorgen.  Raytracing gilt als heiliger Gral der Echtzeitgrafik und soll mit der nächsten Konsolengeneration breitenwirksame Einkehr finden. Die Technologie bietet realistische Beleuchtung, einen physikalisch korrekten Schattenwurf von Objekten und pixelgenaue Reflexionen. Nvidia hat mit der Turing-Architektur vorgelegt. Bei ihren Grafikkarten ist Hardware dabei, die die vormals extrem aufwendigen Rechenleistungen sehr schnell erledigt. Read more about Games - Raytracing: Was steckt hinter der Grafikrevolution? Interview "Der Standard" mit Michael Wimmer

Posted 2019-10-25 by Max Höfferer

Für die 3sat Doku "Gesunde Augen - klarer Blick" hat Katharina Krösl und Kolleg_innen vom Forschungsberecih Computer Graphics mit Simulationen verschiedener Vision Impairments und Clips für eine 3sat-Doku erstellt.

Die Doku wurde am 24. Oktob er 2019 um 20:16 auf 3sat ausgestrahlt und ist in der 3sat mediathek zu sehen:
  Read more about "Gesunde Augen - klarer Blick" für 3sat Doku erstellt Katharina Krösl und Kolleg_innen verschiedene Vision Impairments und Clips

Posted 2019-10-22 by Max Höfferer

Realism has been a major driving force since the inception of the field of computer graphics, and algorithms that generate photorealistic images using physical simulations are now in widespread use. These algorithms are normally used in a "forward” sense: given an input scene, they produce an output image. Read more about Colloquy Cycle 25th October 2019 "Capturing, simulating, and differentiating light" Prof. Wenzel Jakob, EPFL Lausanne

Posted 2019-10-22 by Max Höfferer

Pacific Graphics 2019, Seoul. Für das paper: "Parallel Generation and Visualization of Bacterial Genome Structures." erhielt Tobias Klein den Award für die Best Student Presentation

Read more about Pacific Graphics 2019, Seoul: Tobias Klein erhält Award für Best Student Presentation

Posted 2019-09-13 by Max Höfferer

This lecture will offer an overview of current research efforts on all related topics, ranging from visual semantic world mapping to multiple drone mission planning and control and to drone perception for autonomous target following, tracking and AV shooting. Read more about Colloquy Cycle 13.9.2019 10:30 "Multiple drone vision and cinematography" Prof. Ioannis Pitas (University of Thessaloniki)

Posted 2019-08-21 by Max Höfferer

On Tuesday 19th, Haichao Miao from the Visualization Group defended his PhD thesis with the title "Geometric Abstraction for Effective Visualization and Modeling".

Congratulations and all the best for the rest of his academic career! Read more about Congratulations to Haichao Miao for defending his PhD thesis!