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Microtubules are long, hollow tubes present in each of your cells. They help to maintain the shape of the cell, and they form rails along which material is transported throughout the cell. They even help with the cell division.

IEEE Pacific VIS 2019 Awards

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SEMINAR: The annual student seminar is a three-days interdisciplinary experience in the latest visual computing research.

EXPO: The interactive exhibition of innovations in visual computing is the main meeting point of researchers and professionals in Central Europe.

Venue: Smolenice castle, Zámocká 18, 919 04 Smolenice, Slovakia.


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12th April 2019, 10:30h - Seminar room FAV 05 - Favoritenstraße 9, Stiege 1, 5th floor

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Katharina Krösl, Researcherin am VRVis und am Computergrafik Institut der TU Wien, wurde mit ihrem Paper "ICthroughVR: Illuminating Cataracts through Virtual Reality" auf der Konferenz IEEE Virtual Reality, die vom 23. bis 27.März 2019 in Osaka (Japan) stattfindet, für das Best Conference Paper nominiert!

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Das Computergraphik-Team der TU Wien simuliert Augenkrankheiten am Computer. Damit können gesunde Menschen besser verstehen, welche Probleme Grauer Star mit sich bringt.

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Dieses Sommersemester findet wieder ein Maya-Kurs statt! Geplante Zeit ist ab 2.4.2019 jeden Dienstag, 15:00-18:00! Homepage folgt in Kürze!

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The visualization group at TU Wien has an open position for a working student (Werkstudent). This position will be financed by the Smile Analytics project, aiming at improving the digital fabrication of dental prosthetic devices. The candidate will be working with a team consisting of academic researchers and industrial partners. The candidate should investigate aesthetic aspects of “smiling” and should derive suitable visualization techniques for previewing dental treatment outcomes at an early stage.

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  • Open PhD in Visualization - more info
  • Open PhD in Visualization (Molecular Visualization) - more info
  • Open PostDoc in Visualization - more info

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How Pixar Helped Win 27 of the Last 30 Oscars for Visual Effects

The "Separable Subsurface Scattering" paper Computer Graphics Forum, 34(6):188-197, June 2015  has been showcased in WIRED magazine's excellent video.
It is available here, at the 06:24 mark:
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Adam Celarek und Christoph Weinzierl-Heigl, beide von der TU Wien, erhalten für ihre Masterarbeiten den OCG-Förderpreis 2018, der mit je 1.500 Euro dotiert ist.