For the Paper Fast Rendering of Parametric Objects on Modern GPUs, our researchers Johannes Unterguggenberger, Lukas Lipp, Michael Wimmer, Bernhard Kerbl, and Markus Schütz received the best paper award at The Eurographics Symposium on Parallel Graphics and Visualization (EGPGV) 2024. EGPGV 2024 was co-located with the EuroVis conference and took place in Odense Denmark on 27.05.2024.


The paper describes a generic method to render a variety of parametrically defined objects on modern GPUs with up to several hundred frames per second. It surpasses state of the art rendering techniques for spherical harmonic (SH) glyph rendering in terms of performance and quality and is able to render tens of thousands of SH glyphs in real time, as well as hundreds of thousands of fiber curves in real time in high resolution.