Hall Of Fame 2003

Eduard Gröller,
Thomas Theußl (Übungsleiter),
Michael Kalkusch (Tutor),

Ergebnisse des Übungsteils 2003

and refering papers
and implementaion details

InterRing: An Interactive Tool for Visually Navigating and Manipulating Hierarchical Structures Jing Yang, Matthew O. Ward and Elke A. Randensteiner Paper PDF

Michael Knapp and Werner Bruckner

Windows C++ Glut

Animated Exploration of Dynamic Graphs with Radial Layout Ka-Ping Yee, Danyel Fisher, Rachna Dhamija, Marti Hearst Paper PDF

Tamer Fahmy, Matthias Grumet and Gabriel Wurzer

Python 2.2 and GTK+  

Ordered Treemap Layouts   Ben Shneiderman, Martin Wattenberg

Thomas Rongitsch and Robert Libo

Windows C++

New Methods for the Visualization of Power System Information Thomas J. Overbye, Jamie D. Weber  

Stefan Daschek
Java 3D and Java 1.4.1
Papers choosen by students individually
published on internationale conferenzes

Multiple- View and Multiform Visualization
On Encouraging Multiple Views for Visualization
Jonathan C. Roberts
Jonathan C. Roberts
Paper PDF
Paper PDF

Christopher Draeger and Martin Eller