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Former Function

  • Research assistant

Research Work

  • Diploma thesis Smooth levels of detail for animation
  • PhD thesis Photorealistic and hardware accelerated rendering of complex scenes


  • Global illumination & photorealistic rendering
  • Hardware accelerated & real-time rendering
  • Animation
  • Sound simulation


10 Publications found:
Image Bib Reference Publication Type
Heinrich Hey, Werner Purgathofer
Real-Time Rendering of Globally Illuminated Soft Glossy Scenes With Directional Light Maps
TR-186-2-02-05, March 2002 [paper]
Technical Report
Heinrich Hey, Werner Purgathofer
Advanced radiance Estimation for Photon Map Global Illumination
Computer Graphics Forum, 21(3), 2002.
Journal Paper with Conference Talk
Heinrich Hey, Peter Purgathofer
Importance sampling with hemispherical particle footprints
In Spring Conference on Computer Graphics 2002. 2002.
Conference Paper
Heinrich Hey
Photorealistic and Hardware Accelerated Rendering of Complex Scenes
Supervisor: Werner Purgathofer
Duration: December 1998 — May 2002
Heinrich Hey, Werner Purgathofer
Global Illumination with Photon Map Compensation
TR-186-2-01-04, January 2001 [paper]
Technical Report
Heinrich Hey, Werner Purgathofer
Importance Sampling with Hemispherical Particle Footprints
TR-186-2-01-05, January 2001 [paper]
Technical Report
Heinrich Hey, Robert F. Tobler, Werner Purgathofer
Real-Time Occlusion Culling With A Lazy Occlusion Grid
TR-186-2-01-02, January 2001 [paper]
Technical Report
Werner Purgathofer, Heinrich Hey
Occlusion Culling Methods
State of the Art Report at Eurographics'01, Manchester, U.K., Sept. 2001
Miscellaneous Publication
Werner Purgathofer, Heinrich Hey, Robert F. Tobler
Real-Time Occlusion Culling with a Lazy Occlusion Grid
In Rendering Techniques'01 (proceedings of Eurographics Workshop on Rendering 2001, June 2001), Springer-Verlag, Wien, 2001
Miscellaneous Publication
Heinrich Hey, Robert F. Tobler, Werner Purgathofer
Lazy Occlusion Grid Culling
TR-186-2-99-12, March 1999 [paper]
Technical Report
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