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Meister Eduard Gröller
Trends in Visual Computing, 2013, Vienna, Austria
Invited Talk
Meister Eduard Gröller
Visual Computing - Quo Vadis?, 2013, University of Vienna
Invited Talk
Werner Purgathofer
Accurate Fast Simulation of Light, 4. February 2013- 6. February 2013, Hernstein, Austria
Invited Talk
Simon Brenner
Neighbor detection in point clouds using the Boundary Complex
Bachelor Thesis
Kevin Streicher
Interactive Scene Manipulation Techniques for Ray Tracing
Bachelor Thesis
Markus Schütz
Real-time Consistent Meshing
Student Project
Florian Laager
Camera Artifacts in Mixed Reality
Student Project
Christian Hafner
Image to Geometry Projection
Bachelor Thesis
Christoph Winklhofer
Reflections, Refractions and Caustics in a Mixed-Reality Environment
Master Thesis
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