Hall Of Fame 2003

 LU Computergraphik 2 SS 2.0, 186.124
(früher: 186.153)

 LU Computergraphik 3 SS 2.0, 186.725

Michael Wimmer

Best of 2003

The winning teams are...

Name of the Game Teams Remarks und Downloads
1st: Aloha?!
Alexander Kusternig
Matthias Proksch
Georg Semanek
This game has the best story and extraordinary lighting effects. It comes with a complete level editor, which is capable of placing lights and putting triggers for events in the room. This game could be published right away!
1st: Interceptor
Markus Lipp
Felix Summereder
Nice space shooter with a lot of special effects like a shader-shockwaves. Parsec, take care here comes Interceptor. Fortunately the AI not too bright so your chance of winning increases.
2nd: Mortal CowBat
Manfred Satzer
Walter Wohlkinger
Beware of the nearly immortal cows. Once you play CowBat you will get addicted.
2nd:Speckled Action
Stefan Felkel
Simone Kriglstein
Günter Wallner
Funny game with AI. You try to collect rings faster than the other giraffe, but be aware of the evil cancer. "Hit and Run" on a new level!

2nd: Mole Attacks!
Gerlinde Emsenhuber
Valerie Maquil
Andrea Weidlich
- Special Design Award! -
This game shows how to come up with a new concept and implement it in no time. All parts of this game are "handmade". You need to kick moles out, water and spray the flowers. But watch the rake!


Incredible Games

Name of the Game Teams Remarks und Downloads
Udo Kromberger
Stefan Marek
Marcel Wasserer
New design and cool water-effects polish the old "Bactery". But you have to train if you want to beat the AI. Moorhuhn shall take care!
Underwater Tournament
Stephan Novotny
Roman Trabitsch
Did you ever wake up in the morning and find yourselves in a fishtank? Try to get as many rescue rings as possible and don't waste your time with the beautiful sea grass.
Daniel Wagner
Sebastian Zambal
Are you sick of bad radio reception on your TV set? Get out in space and clean it up.
Matthias Grumet
Andrea Harant
Sebastian Zambanini
Win the race!
Michael Brandejsky
Adis Buturovic
Find your way out of the labyrinth! The weapon selection is one highlight of this game, or is it the explosion?
Escape from Canamar
Dalibor Mitrovic
Christoph Rhemann
Matthias Zappelzauer
Another nice space shooter. Cool models and a nice cockpit.
Adrian Gligor
Andreas Petersson
Florian Schüller
Are you sick of quadratic chess boards? Try to play chess on a new topology! Try TORUS-chess now!
Mario Hiermann
Klaus Hinum
Alexander Zapletal
Train your snowboard skills with this simulator, and maybe you can make her bend her back.


Cool Games

Name of the Game Teams Remarks und Downloads
Run for Revenge
Christoph Karlberger
Michael Kurz
Prince of Persia in 3D. Hit and Run like in the old days.
Matthias Bauchinger
Berhard Glück
Mario Topf
Mogui, the name of a chinese demon, is a mystical indoor game.
Tunnel Vision (revisited)
Andreas Ammer
Fly in a fascinating tunnel system with psycodelic textures. Greetings from "Decent".
Thomas Laner
Christopher Thurnher
Escape the Monsters and blast whatever comes in your way.
Fliesen Fighter
Eduard Hirsch
Thomas Volpini
Do you know the problem of spilling coke all over your cockpit? Their solution is to cover it with flagstones. Space shooter of the plumber kind.
Spiel mir das Spiel vom Tod...
Manuel Egele
Martin Szydlowski
First came Sergio Leone, than mephisto arrives incarnated by you. And now your job is to use the scythe. Even George Lucas said: "May the scythe be with you".


With RenderWare

Two teams took the challange of using the RenderWare-API

Name of the Game Teams Remarks und Downloads
The Professional
Wolfgang Deix
Henning Scharsach

Martin Angler
Thomas Gamper



Games without Screenshots

Name of the Game Teams Remarks und Downloads
Badenixen Spass
Stefan Kollmann
Martin Pessenlehner
Jakob Walha

Canyon Challenge
Nicolas Thorstensen
Thomas Zronek

Sabine Berger
Florian Scherz

Bejamin Böck
Adrian Prantl
Funny game.A nice level editor is included.
Mladen Stojanovic
Konrad Strutz
Moorhuhn in 3D. Train your hunting skills.
Michael Mörz
Christian Mörz

FlySim 3D
Friedrich Schwanzer
Do you know, who hard it is to be a fly?
Hubble Bubble
Daniel Leitner
Bernhard Stader

Hunting Holiday
Christian Schönauer
Georg Selig

Knock the frog
Florian Kilzer
Robert Liebo

L.S.D.-Chastniki (Drive4vodka)
Alexander Pisernik
Andreas Weiner

Christine Albrecht
David Schmitt

Matias Arncnik
Axel Groß

Martin Ginner
Bernhard Weirich

Startrek Pirates
Robert Fizimayer

The fantastic plastic world
Ari-Matti Leppänen

The Refugees
Benedikt Huber
Ingo Seidel

Toon Wars
Margit Blauhut
Daniel Khankan
Christian Ritzinger


This hall of fame was desinged and created by Michael Kalkusch

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