Kei Nam Tsoi

joe [at]
Former Member

Former Function

  • PhD Student
  • Scientific Staff

Research Work

  • Working on an Internet-based Scientific Project, namely BandViz.
  • Visualization on the Internet: tackling the heterogeneity and bandwidth limitation issues.
  • Engineering the Web Technologies to the Design and Implementation of an Internet based Visualization Systems.


  • Interactive Multimedia Systems (Analysis/Design/Implementation)
  • Multimedia Electronic Messaging and Communication Systems
  • Data Visualization Techniques
  • Artificial Intelligence - Neural Network
  • Software Engineering (software rE-uSe).


  • Computer Games (Strategic Games)
  • Cooking
  • Walking Dog(s)
  • Movies ... VCDs..VCDs....
  • Sports
  • GO


1 Publication found:
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Kei Nam Tsoi, Meister Eduard Gröller
Adaptive Visualization over the Internet
TR-186-2-00-21, November 2000 [paper]
Technical Report
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