BandViz -   bandwidth-oriented Visualization over the Internet 
(research project at the Institute of Computer Graphics, Vienna University of Technology)
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The Internet can be considered as one of the most callenging developments in the 20th century. A new dimension of global communication allows to access various recources from all over the world. Client-server applications feature web computing as another powerful potential of the Internet.

The BandViz project focuses on the integration of the Internet within the visualization process. Depending on parameters that describe server/client performance, current net load, requested visualization quality, etc., the optimal (dynamic) compromise between a thin and a fat client solution has to be found.

Hobbes' Internet Timeline by R. Zakon (,
RFC1462: FYI on ``What is the Internet?'' (,
Information drill-down using web tools by M. Jern (Proc. of 8th EUROGRAPHICS Workshop on Visualization in Scientific Computing, pages 1-12, 1997).

June 28, 1999: 1st BandViz workshop on current activities [CfP, Program].    

Lukas Mroz, researcher
Kei Nam Tsoi (Joe), researcher

Eduard Gröller, project leader
Helwig Hauser (prev.: Löffelmann), project manager


H. Hauser, L. Mroz, G. I. Bischi and E. Gröller: Two-Level Volume Rendering - fusing MIP and DVR. Published as technical report (TR-186-2-00-11) of the Institute of Computer Graphics, April 2000. See the project pages

Visualizing Attractors and their Basins of Attraction

L. Mroz, H. Löffelmann, and E. Gröller: Bringing Your Visualization Application to the Internet. Published as technical report (TR-186-2-98-14) of the Institute of Computer Graphics, March 1998. Available on-line: abstract in HTML, `gzip'ed Postscript version.


The BandViz project is funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF, project number P 12811) and by the Institute of Computer Graphics, Vienna University of Technology.

June 28, 1999: 1st BandViz workshop on current activities.
December 1998: Kei Nam Tsoi (Joe) joins the project.
November 1998: Lukas Mroz joins the project.
October 1998: The project is named ``BandViz - bandwidth oriented Visualization over the Internet''.
July 1998: FWF grants some funding for the project: two research positions are funded for two years, almost no fund is granted for hardware/software.
March 1998: First technical report (TR-186-2-98-14): ``Bringing Your Visualization Application to the Internet'' by L. Mroz, H. Löffelmann, and E. Gröller.
September 1997: E. Gröller hands in the project proposal to FWF.
April 1997: L. Mroz, H. Löffelmann, and E. Gröller start to work on the project proposal.

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