Christian Freude, Hiroyuki Sakai, Karoly Zsolnai-Fehér, Michael Wimmer
R-Score: A Novel Approach to Compare Monte Carlo Renderings
TR-193-02-2020-4, August 2020 [technical-report]

Karoly Zsolnai-Fehér, Peter Wonka, Michael Wimmer
Photorealistic Material Editing Through Direct Image Manipulation
Computer Graphics Forum, 39(4):107-120, June 2020. [paper] [Supplementary video]

Karoly Zsolnai-Fehér
Photorealistic Material Learning and Synthesis
Supervisor: Michael Wimmer
Duration: 2013-2019

Karoly Zsolnai-Fehér, Peter Wonka, Michael Wimmer
Gaussian Material Synthesis
ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH 2018), 37(4):76:1-76:14, August 2018. [paper] [supplementary] [video]

Karoly Zsolnai-Fehér
Real-time Subsurface Scattering, Light Transport and Two Minute Papers, 2016, Intel Advanced Rendering Technology group

Jorge Jimenez, Karoly Zsolnai-Fehér, Adrian Jarabo, Christian Freude, Thomas Auzinger, Xian-Chun Wu, Javier van der Pahlen, Michael Wimmer, Diego Gutierrez
Separable Subsurface Scattering
Computer Graphics Forum, 34(6):188-197, June 2015. [paper]

Karoly Zsolnai-Fehér
Light Transport with a Touch of Fluids, 21. October 2014,

Karoly Zsolnai-Fehér, Thomas Auzinger
Modern Functional Analysis in Computer Graphics
Supervisor: Michael Wimmer
Duration: Feb 2013 - 2016