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 Computer Graphics Group

 Research Projects on Computer Animation,  Color and other topics

VAST - Vienna Animation Sytem Technology [This project is finished already]
VAST ist a reseach testbed for animation techniques incooperated in one system architecture.

Physically-based animation [Ongoing collaboration]
This page describes current work on physically-based animation of articulated solids. Latest work focuses on interactive real-time approaches.

Collision Detection for Objects Modelled by CSG [This project is finished already]
Various collision detection methods were incooperated into one single technique supporting collision testing of various primitiv types combined with CSG-operations.

Multi-Resolution Image Morphing [This project is finished already]
Traditional image morphing is extended by offering control over the processing of the individual multi-resolutions that are used in the wavelet representation. This gives the animator the possibility to introduce a disparity between the morphing of global and detail features.

The Bureaucrats [This project is finished already]
An Animation generated by two students based on an idea and the design of Thomas Bley.

Sunpendulum  [project with Hofstetter Kurt]
As time goes by that means with the rotation earth sunlight wanders its way to earth. A continuous circulation of light and shade - day and night - in parallels.

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