Acceleration structure competition (San Miguel scene, time in seconds)

The results are not comparable with last year because the workstation was a different one.

Student Build Render Sum
Cech Alexander 5.2 254.5 259.7
Pernsteiner Jakob 26.0 263.6 289.7
EPFL reference 11.2 648.1 659.3
Hasbay Saip Can 5.2 902.7 907.9
Alberer Marcus 20.5 1091.0 1111.6
Hürbe Matthias 13.2 2218.2 2231.3
Eschner Johannes 31.1 2206.6 2237.7
Wang Zhaoran 29.1 2572.1 2601.2
Kristmann Elias 26.5 3250.9 3277.4
Basic (Median Split) 5.5 4026.4 4031.9
Werdermann Wilhelm 38.2 5054.8 5093.0

Scene competition

Cech Alexander (Winner)

Definitely one of the best implementations in the history of this course. Very good material presentation as well. The lamp is a good showcase for Microfacet BSDF. Rendering glass with liquid is pretty easy with our dielectric material in Nori. But for giving the liquid some (correct) color you need to implement participating media like this student did.

Eschner Johannes

A very good sense for using your materials to full advantage. Although not a crazy amount of bonus points were implemented, your scene looks very realistic.

Hasbay Saip Can

Very artistic and you even used self-taken pictures. I'm still wondering how you exactly managed, that it looks like this. You definitely know, how to present the implemented materials in a good way. I also appreciate your black hole experiment, but volume absorption is not so easy to implement.

Kristmann Elias

The first to implement Gold BSDF (if we're not mistaken). Very nice!

Pernsteiner Jakob

Very nice scene and outstanding modelling job!

Werdermann Wilhelm

Personally, I love the scene composition and colours. Interesting!

Wang Zhaoran

Good scene.

Alberer Marcus

This student took our advice on spending more time on implementation than on modelling a bit to serious ;), but he implemented a ton of bonus points.

Schenzel Georg

Modern Art

Pogrzebacz Viktor

Space garden..