Acceleration structure competition (San Miguel scene, time in seconds)

The results are not comparable with last year because the workstation was a different one.

Scene competition

Dejan Belic

Corner of an old room. Dimly lit by a singular light source.
Rendered using Bidirectional ray tracing.
Implements Microfacet BSDFs, discrete BSDFs, textures, normal maps, roughness maps, tone mapping, and anti-aliasing.

Dominik Forkert

Bar scene arranged in Blender:
- Mesh emitters featuring chromatic gradients
- Dielectric and microfacet BRDFs
- Homogeneous and heterogeneous participating media featuring multi-chromatic delta tracking with absorption and muliple scattering
- Depth of field effect
- Multiple importance sampling (with support for participating media)
- Uchimura tone mapper
- Mitchell–Netravali filter

Matthias Hürbe

An empty bar after hours

Michael Franz Landauer

I created the scene in Blender.
The Stanford dragon is the only model which I did not created or modified.
The bunny in the background is based on the Stanford bunny and I modified the mesh according to a Youtube tutorial.
For the floor and wall, I used textures.

Featuring: DoF, Texturing, Anti-aliasing