This course page describes the lecture of Sommersemester 2021. See list of other semesters.

Aim and Subject

The goal is to provide a solid understanding of how 3D digital models are generated and represented as a requirement for applying deep learning methods, and to analyze surface properties for running simulations. Deep learning with 3D data, reconstruction from images or sensors, simulations on surfaces, and procedural modeling: In this course, you will practice processing meshes with machine learning algorithms, run simulations, and generate entire cities procedurally.

The following topics will be treated in this course among others: Polygonal Meshes, Curves and Surfaces Representations and Properties, Reconstruction of 3D Models from Scans, Parametrization, Simulations on Surfaces, Procedural Modeling

Time and Place

Tuesday 13:00-14:30* ONLINE (will take longer for blocked paper presentations)

Schedule for the course 2021

09.03.2021, 13:00-14:30 Introduction

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