VU, 186.138, 2020S

Renata Raidou, Thomas Köppel

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Basic Information

This lecture aims at giving a deep insight into the reasearch field of applied medical visualization, teaching how to read, to analyse, to work out (including background knowledge), and to present a high level scientific publication and presenting real life (bio-)medical applications and their requirements.
  1. Obligatory Registration via TISS before 20.03.2020
  2. Build up groups of 2 people via TUWEL
  3. VisMed 1 and Visualisierung 1 are strongly recommended previous knowledge, but not mandatory. There will be a short recap at the beginning of the course.
  4. Lectures will be given in English.

Course Structure

This year the course will consist of three parts:

  • Lectures (10 sets, on Fridays 14.00-16.00, apart from the first and the two last ones, which are 14.00-17.00)
  • State-of-the-art report (self-work between 20.03-20.04)
  • Final Projects (self-work between 27.04-24.06)


Location: Seminarraum 186, Favoritenstrasse 9, 5-th floor.


This year the course will be assessed as follows:

  • State-of-the-art report (work in groups of 2 people, 35% of final grade)
  • Final Project (work in groups of 2 people, 50% of final grade)
  • Presentation of final project (15% of the final grade)
  • There is no exam for this course

You need a passing grade for each one of the three components above!


Grading system:
  • >   88 Points   ...   Sehr Gut (1)
  • >   75 Points   ...   Gut (2)
  • >   63 Points   ...   Befriedigend (3)
  • >= 50 Points   ...   Genügend (4)
  • <   50 Points   ...   Nicht Genügend (5)


The course will be structured based on the book of B. Preim and C.P. Botha "Visual Computing for Medicine" (2nd ed.) ( Additional reading material might also be given. You can also access the slides of VisMed1 here.
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State-of-the-art Report (35%)


  • Make groups of 2 people and pick a topic by 20.03.2020, at 23.55 on TUWEL.
  • Template and guidelines for writing the report will be given on TUWEL.
  • Work on your report between 20.03.2020-20.04-2020. Submit on TUWEL by 20.04.2020 at 23.55.
  • Get grade and feedback by 27.04.2020. You need at least 50% of the grade to continue with the course.


Final Project (50%) + Presentation (15%)


  • Groups are the same as in the report. Pick a topic, relevant to your previous report, by 27.04.2020, at 23.55 on TUWEL.
  • Template and guidelines for writing the report of the final project will be the same as the STAR report.
  • Work on your project between 27.04.2020-24.06.2020 Submit an 8 page report on TUWEL by 24.06.2020 at 23.55.
  • Give a 15-min presentation on 26.06.2020. Presentation counts in the grade (15%). You need at least 50% of the grade to finalize the course.