The Hall Of Fame 2020 is now online!

InfoVis lab is offered again in summer semester 2020!
The introduction (together with InfoVis VO) taskes place on March 11th 2020, 15:00 c.t. in lecture hall EI4!

IMPORTANT: in case we need to have any last minute changes to the introductory lectures or any other lecture due to the corona virus, we will announce these changes in TUWEL! Please, register to the TUWEL online course now!


How to register for InfoVis lab:
  1. Non-binding registration via TISS
  2. Obligatory registration through first submission via TUWEL
We will provide a dataset, which should be visualized and analyzed. You get to know different visualization tools (d3, matplotlib, bokeh), data manipulation tools (Pandas, scikit-learn), and create small exercises using JavaScript and Python notebooks (Jupyter or Google Colab). Finally, a more detailed analysis using any visualization tool should be conducted in a group work (see results from the previous year). We provide multiple open labs and a Q & A for questions and problems. Details can be found on TUWEL.
We recommend to attend the corresponding InfoVis lecture as well!
The grade is assigned based on the submissions (i.e., the implementation and the result of the data analysis), the presentation of the analysis, and a submission talk.


Related lectures

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186.833, VU Visualisierung 2; Eduard Gröller et al.
186.868, VU Visual Data Science; Johanna Schmidt
188.305, VU Informationsvisualisierung; Silvia Miksch
186.105, VU Visualisierung medizinischer Daten 1; Milos Sramek & Renata Raidou
186.138, VU Visualisierung medizinischer Daten 2; Renata Raidou & Eduard Gröller
186.160, VO Farbe; Werner Purgathofer
Central European Seminar on Computer Graphics; Michael Wimmer, Martin Ilcik