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 VO Computational Aesthetics

(vormals "Beauty of Realistic Image Synthesis")

 WS 2.0, Vorlesung (VO), 186.171

 László Neumann

Wichtige Information: Diese Lehrveranstaltung ist nicht zu verwechseln mit der VU Computational Aesthetics (186.163).

Diese Lehrveranstaltung wird im Wintersemester 2008/2009 nicht abgehalten.

Allgemeine Information

Beauty of Realistic Image Synthesis

The goal is to simultaneously present the mathematical and the aesthetical aspects of image synthesis.First some basic definition and methods will be shown about reflectance models,image synthesis or color theory, which can be learned separately and often more detailed in some of other running courses at Institute.
The presented questions and methods are from connected and overlapping areas of rendering,human perception, color theory/dynamics, digital photography and computational aesthetics.It will be always pointed out the open directions, the aesthetical aspects or the nice mathematical solutions, and will be presented even some not yet published research works. The final goal is to give a method of approach to create nice computer generated images.


Block 1: Basics properties of physically plausible reflectance models. Historical models, metals, anisotropic and retro-reflective materials. Importance sampling. Global illumination techniques. Realistic and realistic-like fast methods.

Block2: Basics of color theory, color systems. Gamut of display and printer. Gamut clipping and mapping techniques. Exposure in Computer Graphics. Radiance and Irradiance metering techniques. Color order systems. Coloroid system. Computational Color Harmony, Planning of Colored Environment. Psychical Color Preferences, Coloroid Harmony Wizard Software

Block3: Color vision models, Color Appearance, Spatial vision models, Contrast sensitivity, Color image difference, Image quality, High Dynamics Range Images in Rendering and in Digital Photography, automatic view-point selection, trends in computational aesthetics
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