Hall Of Fame 2004

 LU Computergraphik 2 SS 2.0, 186.124
(früher: 186.153)

 LU Computergraphik 3 SS 2.0, 186.725

Michael Wimmer

Best of 2004

The winning teams are...

Name of the Game Teams Remarks und Downloads
1st: Terroristica
Reinalter Stefan
Rieckh Jakob
Fight terrorists in an authentic virtual version of the TU Freihaus, and protect Professor B.! Amazing game featuring shadow mapping, bumpmapping and great lighting!
  Download (113 MB)
  (Note: Currently only works with NVIDIA cards)
2nd: Im Auge des Drachen
Muigg Philipp
Stamminger Andreas
Fly a dragon and save your castle (and treasure) from the evil dwarves! This game is full of great effects, like reflective water using fragment programs, normal mapping, etc.
2nd: Just Duke It!
Granzer Wolfgang
Praus Fritz
Great multiplayer motorcycle action! Shoot your opponents on an offroad terrain!
2nd: Ack-Ack!
Berger Wolfgang
Buchetics Matthias
Round Based strategy game, featuring different unit types, level of detail terrain, and cel shading!
2nd: Skydoo
Guerrero Paul
Kleber Florian
Schedenig Marian
How do you doo? This fast-paced futuristic racing game will make you addicted to speed - if you can stay on track! Also visit the game's homepage.


Incredible Games

Name of the Game Teams Remarks und Downloads
Tequila Madness
Jelinek Helmut
Hartmann Alexander

This game in the spirit of the old Marble Madness features a lot of levels, retro atmosphere, and a very interesting cheat code :)
Karg Helmut
Machacek Christian
Siljak Nedzad

This game is more than the standard space shooter, it features a "command" mode where you can set waypoints and targets, and also has many greatlooking effects!
Fahrngruber Stefan
Lenz Gerald
Straka Karin

Burn Stadlposts and evade the evil H.I.A.S.!
Pirates Ho!
Fahmy Tamer
Kosina Karin

In this Pirates Remake, you can bomb the other ship to bits on a split screen!
Hartl Phillip
Freiler Wolfgang

Build castles, cast magic, and fight mystical monsters and other witches! Very nice terrain engine!
Asteroids 3D
Schnabl Sophie
Judt Christian
Jöbstl Roland

This is a remake of Asteroids but in 3D. As with the classic, your goal is to blow up all the asteroids, which break up into smaller parts when they are shot.
Barrow Runner
Fuchs Matthias
Ecker Severin

This is a racing game of a different kind. Race your barrow to the pole position!
Wings of Destiny
Wenigwieser Wolfgang
Kastler Florian

The classical Star Wars space shooter, this time with multiplayer splitscreen mode!
Gebhardt Hnikolaus
Gruber Bernhard
Meissl Andreas

Defeat evil clowns, who somehow look like dwarves with red noses. Nice glow effects!
Boogie Nerds
Gschwendt Andreas
Klinger Andreas
Sokolar Michael

This is an unusual game that will be the most fun if played using Dance Pads!
The Grand Theft
Kiraly Johannes
Pflugfelder Bernhard

Steal all the valuable items from a museum!
The Brave Lad
Czermak Clemens
Scheiblauer Claus

In this hack'n'slay-like Role Playing game, your goal is to rescue the princess! Yes, again!


Cool Games

Name of the Game Teams Remarks und Downloads
Markvica David
Marscher Mark

Classical sidescroller shooting game!
Tu-Wan'Hudan - Looking Like Ghosts
Lessiak Marius
Oberhammer Simon

The computer version of the old indians vs cowboys game everyone played during childhood!
Samurai X2: Kenji
Bucsics Thomas
Jell Matthias
Rudigier Sebastian

A Samurai sword fighting game where you can slay Link. Features dynamic interactive music.
Double Trouble
Moritz Dietmar
Roch Benjamin

You have to use the skills of your two characters to solve the levels!
Cocktail Chaos
Csisinko Mathis Mark
Knees Peter
Vill Maria

Help a bartender (who looks a lot like Super Mario) to get together the right ingredients for his cocktails!
Froschauer Matthias
Froschauer Josef
Starl Erwin

This year's Simpsons game is an adventure. Help Homer get back his beer!
Fat Goo's snowTrix
Maierhofer Daniel
Dorn Florian

Ride down a snow covered track, but beware of the trees!
Destruction Racer
Brandorf Clemens
Maierhofer Andreas
Sattler Roland

A time challenge racing game with nice physics!
Pang 3D
Bubestinger Peter
Kraner Florian

The 3D version of the bubble-shooter classic game Pang! It's more than one dimension harder than the original, though!
Mission on Mars
Recheis Meinrad
Folie Christian
Schauer Stefan

Help the poor little ESA Mars Rover against the evil NASA Mars Rovers who steal its equipment!
Flyer Boy
Matusek Florian
Sutor Stephan
Röhr Robert

A game simulating the hard work of the annoying flyer distributors that always obstruct your way in front of the Freihaus!
Snowboard Style Contest
Haidacher Martin
Meindl Thomas
Staber Christoph

Try to achieve the most neckbreaking snowboard maneuvers in this game!
Pinter Bernd
Prosenc Robert

The yearly tube racer!
Austrian Pie
Fritz Laura
Maricic Ivan

Help the cow get back its austrian pie.
Twilight Dawn
Toromanoff Olivier

Space shooter with interesting rocket physics!


This hall of fame was designed and created by Michael Kalkusch and Dey-Fuch Chiu

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