Tomasz Mazuryk

mazuryk [at]
Former Member

Former Function

  • PhD student
  • Scientific staff

Research Work

  • Under construction.


  • Virtual Reality, head movement motion prediction, rendering techniques...


  • Skiing, Sailing, Music, Movies ...


7 Publications found:
Image Bib Reference Publication Type
Tomasz Mazuryk, Michael Gervautz
Virtual Reality History, Applications, Technology and Future
TR-186-2-96-06, February 1996 [paper]
Technical Report
Gernot Schaufler, Tomasz Mazuryk, Dieter Schmalstieg
High Fidelity for Immersive Displays
TR-186-2-96-02, January 1996 [paper]
Technical Report
Tomasz Mazuryk
Prediction Techniques
Supervisor: Michael Gervautz
Duration: - 1996
Christian Faisstnauer, Tomasz Mazuryk
Tracker Library: Handling VR Input Devices
TR-186-2-95-18, December 1995
Technical Report
Dieter Schmalstieg, Christian Faisstnauer, Tomasz Mazuryk
Constructing a Highly Immersive Virtual Environment: A Case Study
TR-186-2-95-12, November 1995 [paper]
Technical Report
Tomasz Mazuryk, Michael Gervautz
Two-Step Prediction and Image Deflection for Exact Head-Tracking in Virtual Environments
In Proceedings of Eurographics, pages 29-41. August 1995.
Conference Paper
Tomasz Mazuryk, Dieter Schmalstieg, Michael Gervautz
Zoom Rendering: Accelerating 3-D Rendering Performance With 2-D Operations
TR-186-2-95-09, July 1995 [paper]
Technical Report
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