This paper presents a new method for the automatic modeling of architecture. Building designs are derived using split grammars, a new type of parametric set grammar based on the concept of shape. The paper also introduces an attribute matching system and a sepa- rate control grammar, which offer the ßexibility required to model buildings using a large variety of different styles and design ideas. Through the adaptive nature of the design grammar used, the cre- ated building designs can either be generic or adhere closely to a speciŞed goal, depending on the amount of data available.

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Funding: Austrian Science Foundation  under contract no. P-13867-INF and J2151
Contact: Peter Wonka, Michael Wimmer, François Sillion, William Ribarsky.
in cooperation with INRIA and Georgia Tech
Keywords: modeling, building design, architecture, grammars, shape grammars, urban environments, real-time simulation


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