Graphics meets Games Competition

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Date: Wednesdays, Thursday and Friday
Time: 9:00-conference end on Wednesday and Thursday, 9:00-15:00 on Friday
Location: Games Showfloor (Alte Aula 1st floor)
Downloads available!
All the contestant games can now be downloaded. Links for zip files and, if available, project homepages have been added below!
Competition Results!
The audience of Eurographics 2006 voted for the following games to win the 3 prizes:
  • First prize: pingK
  • Second prize: Cubophobia
  • Third prize: Raytrace Effects Car Driving Game
We congratulate the winners!

While novelty was the main criteria to choose the 8 contestants, naturally the "fun factor" of the games had a significant impact on the audience vote. Of course, all 8 contestants, representing the "Best of Graphics meets Games 2006", will remain listed on this webpage, and are referenced in the official Graphics meets Games proceedings handed out to all conference attendees.

The challenge in the Graphics meets Games competition is to create a cool new graphics effect that could be useful for a computer game, and showcase it in a small 3D demo game. A special emphasis lies on interaction: If the player can interact with the effect or if it interacts with the environment (i.e., it is more than eye candy), maybe in some kind of physically based way (such as low-gravity, magical physics, zero-friction liquids, balls that multiply on collision, etc.), then all the better.

In response to the call, we received a total of 17 submissions. The overall quality was very high, and the technical jury was faced with the tough decision to select a limited number of ``contestants'' for the final round of the competition. According to the call, the main selection criterion was the novelty and the interactivity of the shown effect(s). As a result, 8 contestants showing outstanding novelty were chosen to be showcased on a large screen on the games showfloor.

Out of the 8 contestants, the audience chose the games that show the coolest graphical effects and, most importantly, were fun to play around with. The winners were awarded with prizes sponsored by NVIDIA and the EU GameTools project!

Image of Coperspective
Coperspective    [ zip ]
Kam Wong, Hector Rodriguez
This work takes the simultaneous juxtaposition of multiple points of view one step further by enabling two users interactively and jointly to determine the perspective of an image in real time. Each user interactively moves a separate virtual character inside a virtual room. The system then calculates an average of the points of view of the two individual characters and produces an image that combines both perspectives into one. In this work, vision is not merely an individual achievement. It is a joint, collaborative accomplishment produced in real time.
Image of Cubophobia
Cubophobia    [ zip, homepage ]
Anton Frühstück, Heinrich Fink
You are a ball - you are trapped in a cube - you do not remember when and why this happened. Strange things happen in this cube, so you decide to escape...
Image of pingK
pingK    [ zip, homepage ]
Alexander Kusternig, Chris Chiu, Georg Semanek
This game takes Pong and creates a different gameplay experience by adding rotational physics that might not be realistic, but they are fun! Various powerups also add a slight twist to the classical Pong gameplay! Enjoy new matches that were never possible in the original Pong!
Image of Raytrace Effects Car Driving Game
Raytrace Effects Car Driving Game    [ zip ]
Tamás Umenhoffer, László Szirmay-Kalos, Balázs Tóth, László Szécsi
This is a small demo program showing raytrace-like effects such as reflections, refractions, caustics and diffuse reflections. The program uses the OGRE 3D graphics engine and the PhysX physics engine.
Image of RealMatter Soft Body Character Dynamics
"RealMatter" Soft Body Character Dynamics    [ zip, homepage ]
Alec Rivers, David Rosen, Aubrey Serr
This is a demo of a soft body physics engine that can simulate bending, twisting, tearing and breaking soft materials, such as rubber and flesh. The first two scenes included in the demo show off the high speed of our system, and are mostly non-interactive. The third demo lets the user slice, dice, and rip apart a zombie with full gore effects, and demonstrates how this technology might look in future video games.
Image of Realtime Radiosity Bugs
Realtime Radiosity Bugs    [ zip, homepage ]
Stepan Hrbek, Petr Stastny
Bugs sneak in dark corners. Hunt them! (In fact, they are Space Invaders!) The presented effect is global illumination computed in real time. Think about bug behaviour, it's possible only with realtime radiosity.
Image of Robot Dancer
Robot Dancer    [ zip, homepage ]
Jorik Blaas, Edwin Jakobs
This highly interactive game contains a playful combination of rigid body dynamics and musical synchronization. The user can experiment by linking the instruments from a musical score directly to forces and torques on the bodyparts of a 3D model. Robot dancer uses an innovative user interface to present the wealth of information generated by the music clearly.
Image of Shell Shock
Shell Shock    [ zip ]
Alistair Brown
Shell Shock is a demo game to showcase a new method of visualising explosions in real-time. The user aims and fires an artillery turret that upon impact creates a massive explosion. The explosions are physically simulated using smoothed particle hydrodynamics, and are visualised using a new technique, semi-screen space iso-surface rendering. Other effecs such as volumetric glow and a shockwave that refracts light also add to the realism.
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