Hall Of Fame 2006

 LU Computergraphik 2 SS 2.0, 186.124
(früher: 186.153)

 LU Computergraphik 3 SS 2.0, 186.725

Michael Wimmer

Best of 2005

The winning teams are...

Name of the Game Teams Remarks und Downloads
1st: Cubophobia
Fink Heinrich
Frühstück Anton
Physically based gameplay paired with awesome visuals! A game that could be published commercially!

Homepage (check for updated versions)

2nd: Duckrazor
Hepp Stefan
Preisel Michael
Charming and funny game about racing rubber ducks!

3rd: Arpes
Murat Sari
Tomitsch Stefan
Epic adventure game with a complete story!



Incredible Games

Name of the Game Teams Remarks und Downloads
Cube Nukem Dannereder Gernot
Prost Sebastian
Shark3D-based game with twisting gameplay and nice visuals!
Crazy Wheels Meyer Harald
Schleser Tobias
Effects-laden racing game in rough terrain!

Street Racer Spitaler Franz
Racing game with great graphics and good car physics!

U.F.O. Novotny Johannes
Min Kim Bong
Control an UFO through a city full of skyscrapers!

Unsign Koren Thomas
Osebitz Christian
Politically more or less correct game about unmounting town name plates! (any similarity to any real events is purely intentional)

Haste Rainer Christian
Giani Carlos Rafael
Kamenarsky Philip
Speedrunning game through Quake3-levels enhanced with tons of high-end effects!

Wickie Stiedl Christoph
Pure Nostalgia! Control Wickie the little Viking through a maze full of danger!

TRIBESatWAR Schöllhuber Andreas
Stehno Benedikt
Game inspired (a little) by Worms, but with accurate constructive solid geometry processing!

Beyond the Borders Pönitz Thomas
Pajer Stephan
Hexfield-based Strategy RPG using a complex system!

Kill Bird - Volume 1 Charwot Raphael
Hausmair Robert
Fight off evil birds that attempt to take over the village!

MooSlider Altschach Marion
Kogelnig Philipp
Kogelnig Richard
Ride a cow, but don't wake her up!

DISCLAIMER: this game was made without harming real animals or consuming mind-altering drugs

Grabräuber Homolar Walter
Wanek Ronald
Sneak into graves to find the great treasure!

Montag Angerbauer Maximilian
Cech Florien
Hehr Stefan
Charming (and slightly crazy) adventure game!

Y Space Runner Moreau Arnaud
Klepp Markus
Fly various missions in space, hopping from planet to planet!

Air Espresso Plotzer Gerold
Kreutzer Ulrich
Fly your aircraft through a canyon and collect items!

Hell's Offspring Mistelbauer Florian
Mistelbauer Gabriel
Enter the dungeon to fight and banish horrible creatures!

Descent: Journey in the dark Panhofer Paul
Strategy RPG made in Java!

Bonsai - The Second Endeavour Grasberger Herbert
Illmeyer Wolfgang
Platform/Jump'n'run game in 3D! Your main adversary is an evil minister of education, so do your best!

agravic Hais Rene
Wolfram Richard
Fly from waypoint to waypoint while avoiding asteroids!

Proelium Navale Mühlgassner Doris
Opitz Markus
Fight epic seabattles with classic sailships!



Cool Games

Name of the Game Teams Remarks und Downloads
Crashing Trains Gradwohl Manuel
Pickelbauer Michael
Avoid a train crash by controlling the track switches.

Pac-Man Lukasser Joachim
Pötscher Karina
Classic Pac-Man gameplay in 3D spiced up with new powerup types.

Pirates of the Seven Seas Izgöl Ali Emre
Eder Matthias
Control pirate ships over the sea!
Hairy Hover Music Thomas
Kitting-Muhr Monika
Ride a hovercar in a race with a ghost car!

The Smoker's Match Sölder Christoph
Puchta Jürgen
Find the next place to get cigarettes, all while avoiding non-smoking advertising!

MICRO Racers Pluch Matthias
Nürnberg Marcel
Drive little cars over a kitchen table!



Posters of 2006

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