Hall Of Fame 2005

 LU Computergraphik 2 SS 2.0, 186.124
(früher: 186.153)

 LU Computergraphik 3 SS 2.0, 186.725

Michael Wimmer

Best of 2005

The winning teams are...

Name of the Game Teams Remarks und Downloads
1st: The Wacky Professor
Schöllhammer Florian
Parapatits Lukas
This game could be published right away! Complete "Incredible Machine"-like game in 3D with own physics engine and great levels.

1st: Würmer
Schwärzler Michael
Knecht Martin
Fun in a nutshell! Keep your wheels on the ground - and blast your opponent sky-high!

2nd: 42
Minarik Peter
Rudolf Florian
Full adventure game. Beware of the Babelfish, and especially the bikini beauty!

2nd: The Omega Project
Maschek Matthias
Scharl Johannes
If it's too hard, you're too weak!
3rd: Yetti's Ski Park Tycoon
Ilcik Martin
Solteszova Veronika
Build your own Ski Park and Resort, and deforest the alps in just a few clicks!



Incredible Games

Name of the Game Teams Remarks und Downloads
TU Racer Carnogursky Martin
Zrnka Susanne
Idziorek Miguel
Earn money in illegal street races around the TU Vienna (because students have no money).

The Exile Binder Ulrich
Zöch Michael

3001 A Space Tournament Witzmann Hannes
Preissler Angelika
Very fun splitscreen game! Demobilize the other Mars Rovers!

CORE Doninger Christoph
Enzi Tom
Elshuber Martin
Impressive Multiplayer Roleplaying Game!

Quax Bomber Kopp Werner
Müller Stefan
Fun extension of Minesweeper into the third dimension with a few extra gameplay elements.

Aquawars: Return of Luzi Bogner Anita
Bogner Gerhard
Huber Andreas
Spiritual successor of Possible Worlds (2001)! Well done intro, terrain and HUD!

The Krunscher Mitsch Matthias
Wagner Christian
Wagner Herfried
This game probably was not created in a sober state of mind... This game is like a trip!

Hot Table WM 2006 Gringinger Eduard
Trieb Nicholas
Wuzzeln on PC! Great commentator voices!

Tracy Traction Scandella Florian
Stöttinger Julian
The OEAMTC hazard driving course is a piece of cake compared to this!
ZORG Gerger Roman
Monitzer Andreas
Pelinka Dietmar
In this FPS, if you don't find the key fast, the enemy can get rather unpleasant...
Little Red Ridinghood vs. The Wolf Holzer Bernhard
Muster Anna
Another funny game with great voices.
Betthupferl Gisperg Karin
Opitz Andreas
Anti-Racing game! Falling asleep is the goal here!


Cool Games

Name of the Game Teams Remarks und Downloads
Die Bevölkerer von Dominika Grimus Tobias
Schleicher Georg
Settlers of Catan implementation for PC!

Hendl Strikes Back Treiber Stefan
Jerko Markus
Guide your Hendl (a vague relative of the species of chicken) through a racetrack while avoiding frying pans (??).
Stinky & Pain Laister David
Neyder Katharina
Wessely Klemens
Sometimes the universe shrinks you, sometimes you shrink the Universe.
Taxler 3D Zirknitzer Helmut
Haas Sebastian
Drive your customers to their destination in time through a scenario similar to The Fifth Element!
Stickfight Grabner Johann
Klee Kristof
An unusual Fighting Game!
A.M.E.I.S.E. Biesinger Christian
Blaha Herbert
Riegler Benjamin
Burn the evil Minis... ehm, Teletubby of Education and Science!!
Star Wars: Unbalanced Galaxy Markus Diem
Michael Strommer
Realtime strategy game set in the Star Wars universe.
XRAYSINK Grendl Gernot
Schwendermann David
Racing game in futuristic environments.
Druidia Demetz Markus
Thöni Corinna
Collect items to complete a recipe in this fantasy game!
Sören Kloiber Christian
Paulhart Markus
Fastpaced Racing game on water!
Femascus Tomaschitz CHristian
Margulies Eduard
Multiplayer Fantasy Game
Gravity Crush Petsovits Jakob
Weinmüller Christian
Tunnel Racing game
Tec-Ken Hartlieb Stefan
Hofer Hannes
Sip Dawid
Fighting Game with interesting shadows.
Helios: Racer Kaburek Christian
Space Racer
Flylander Schwarz Harald
Bohatsch Felix
Control an eagle and catch food (insects, birds, unidentified flying objects)!
Attendant Wagner Armin
Transcendize into animals to solve puzzles!
Quantum3D Hecht Tobias
Kment Thomas
Strategic space game.
M.I.S.C. - Build Your War Thaler Jonathan
Atesman Can
A Space shooter where you shoot asteroids
Beat Trek/3D-Chess Baumann Michael
Strohschneider Stefan
Implementation of the 3d chess you might know from Star Trek.
Tiny Soccer Maglov Dario
Andres Ulrich
Robot soccer with cubes!
Verus Prohaska Georg
Rosenauer Gregor
1-on-1 Dueling game with a seemingly unbeatable enemy.


Posters of 2005

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