Three Case Studies on Visualizing Dynamical Systems

These pages summarize the results produced during a research seminar on the visualization of dynamical systems, which was held in April & May, 1997, at the Institute of Computer Graphics, Vienna University of Technology. Three systems of significantly different nature were examined by experienced students during this seminar. Consider the following links to view the web-pages presenting their results:

Observation of the Lorenz Systems Using Scientific Visualization

(presented on April 11, 1997)

by Georg Fischel

A Visual Journey through a 4D Dynamical System

(presented on April 25, 1997)

by Lukas Mroz

Investigating and Visualizing the Dynastic Cycle

(presented on May 7, 1997)

by Helmut Doleisch

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Helwig Löffelmann, July, 1997.